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Poll: Fire artist or Spinner.

I've been wondering about the relative proportions of those who are into this mainly for the fire, and those who are primarily into the pure skill/flow aspects of unlit spinning?

Obviously many of you are into it for both, but, even there it should be possible to state a preference, for examples-

*you only spin unlit so you can get some moves down for the next fire session, and, if it became impossible to do fire you'd probably not spin anymore- would be 100/0 fire/non-fire

*you only occasioanly do fire (maybe the odd paid gig) as you consider fuel to be too toxic/dirty to use on a regular basis, almost all your spinning is unlit, and, if fire became impossible, it wouldn't affect your spinning at all- 0/100 fire/non-fire

*you like fire and non-fire spinning equally- a 50/50 fire/non-fire (although you may want to state greater accuracy eg 70/30 fire/non-fire)

I think it would also be interesting if, as well as stating a ratio, you say how long you've been spinning for (I have a theory that a lot of us start spinning through a desire to do fire, then get more interested in the pure spinning side).

Lastly, for clarity it would be good if we all stick to the convention of the first value of the ratio being fire, and the second non-fire (as in the examples above), otherwise it's going to get confusing.

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