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Posted:After reading quite a few posts , alot of you seem to be from the U.S.A who lives in the UK??

ahhhhh wait wow , kent , London , Bristol , And good o'l BATH !!! Mark P i live nr Bath too yeay ! local poi people !

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Poi Twirling Maggie

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Posted:I do, I live in kent me, more precisely I live in the biggest housing estate in kent, so large it wants to be a city.

ahh, I see you hath spotted people, you can also use this funky little mother of a tool click here for funky tool

edit - maggie if you can make it a few of us(random UK HoPers) are meeting in treyarnon bay in cornwall of the 4th of august, which is a sunday. we are also around for a few days before/after, I think

edit - p.s. Hello and welcome to HoP, happy spinning. Would it be possible to post and introduction thread about yourself, in (now you might need to sit down here, this might come as a bit of a shock) the introductions thread

edit - *grumble, moan, complain, "how many edits!"* grr, I forgot to finish with "thanks " *mumble, grumble, etc......*

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the mind gap.
the mind gap.

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Posted:i sometimes live in salisbury.
but not nowadays really - i seem to have ended up in the poi capital of the uk, sheffield.
if your ever in this neck of the woods you'll be more than welcome to stay.

and don't worry about the seeming lack of spinners in the south. the more you look the more you'll find.
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Posted:Im from London... Well South East London really a place called croydon....

Bit boreing really not enougth nightlife a few clubs but its all two step stuff like garage and mainstream chees on toast b*&%$@!+ rubbish which i just cant stand...

And we get alot of 10 year olds that think they are harder then the incredible hulk...

May your heart be your guide and your love your light....

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Posted:Thanx guys , ill post something an tell you all about myself

Poi Twirling Maggie


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Posted:Maxim - i used to live in Croydon, or near Croydon! i now live in Redhill....a.k.a. Deadhill.

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Posted:Croydon! You have my deepest sympathy

maggie, big poi scene around the uk, plenty of lovely peeps about. Welcome to the Wonderful World of spinning things aboot!

Mark P
Mark P

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Posted:Hi Maggie,

We spin quite regularly in Bath now (2-3 times a week if poss) and are starting a regular meet back up. If you are interested then check out the events and gatherings thread

Mark P

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SmallBoy - x

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Posted:london poiers kick all yo asses - Grrrrrrrr......
And there's fucking loads of us too rahhh.....
Bring it on Sheffield "poo capital of the UK"
Yeah, kick your ass lots, rahh, grrrr and all that bollox
(**goes on pretending to be hard/and/or/passionate about it all for another few minutes**)
Happy Bouncy peachyness to everyone really, much luv and bounciness to all.
Mwa - x -
We still kick your ass though, (especially those of you that spin in the bath) - lol.

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Posted:well if it's not too far-a trek from Redhill, there's a group of us meet in Guildford every Thursday for a spin.
Email me if you're interested.
Oh, and welcome
*Takes a run up*

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