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Posted:So, I realized last night that there are very few moves that create beats. The only ones I can really think of are weaves, TTN, and tangles. This got me thinking... Are weaves just extended variations of tangles?

Take a close look at weaves and tangles together. They all do the same things, wrap up on one side and unwrap on the other. You can do all the same stuff with weaves that you can do with tangles... Buzzsaw hyperloop = buzzsaw weave, Air wraps = inverted weaves (watermill), hyperloop weave = normal weave, knotted/twisted tangles = offbeat weaves, etc etc etc. Not all tangles can necessarily be done as a weave due to the restrictions of your arm bones/joints but all weaves can be done as tangles which leaves me believing that weaves = extended tangles. It would also explain why you cant really extend weaves, they're already extensions.

Funny to think that pretty much everyone's first poi moves are extended tangles smile

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Posted:Well you could think of it like this - when doing a 5bt weave you can either do it using a thru-wrap, or move the leading poi down your arm and do a standard 5bt, or move it further down and you're in a tangle.

But I'm not sure it's such a great analogy myself... sorry wink

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Posted:spiralx, thats the analogy i like... weaves and thruwraps and hyps are all the same thing but wrapping in a different place.
hyps and thruwraps are overlays on top of weaves, you can pretty much do any weave pattern with either on the end.
same with butterflys...
the only moves which make beats are same direction (weave) and opposite direction (butterfly) and you can tangle either, so everyones first moves are devolved tangles really, rather than extended ones...
on the other hand, everyones first f*** ups are definatly extended tangles. ubbloco





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Posted:Absolutely. Weaves are just tangles where your arms are doing the tangling rather than the strings.

We all knew that.

That's why, if look at a 5 beat weave vs a 3 beat weave with a hyperloop, it's the same thing. Your wrists are crossing vs. the strings.

When the body parts "Tangle" its a weave.
When the chains tangle it's a "tangle"
When a chain tangle with a body party its a "Thru Wrap"

But I fail to see how this has any relevance to you posting the video of my fireplate spinning. biggrin

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T wave

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Posted:LOL NYC... that's what i told him last night..

inverted weaves, tangles, straight jackets.. its all where you decide to cross..

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