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Posted:hi i was just wondering if anybody has any tips on doing the five beat weave? weavesmiley

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As I'm sure you will find out soon, it's always a good idea to search a forum you go on before you post anything. This applies with any website, and you'll get about the same reply from most people.

If you want to know:

1) Try searching (it can be hard, but you will find something sooner or later)
2) Look at the Free lesions section on the menu above.

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Posted:Also, double posting is not a good idea. Sorry if I'm being 'snarky' vanize wink

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Posted:look a few (maybe a fair few) pages deep on the poi moves bit for 'guide to 3,4,5 beat weaves, by yours truly wink im really proud of that effort, and will continue to plug it remorselessly.

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Posted:i'm also stuggling with the five beat weave! i'm about halfway there, but everytime i almost get therer i smack my self in the head or legs, and it's getting a bit annoying, but the only advise i can give is keep trying! eventually you'll get therexxxx hug

i also had issues with 2 and 3 beats but now i can do them great, and smooothly cool

if i do discover how to do it i'll post you again


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Posted:one exercise i use with students is to have them use one poi only but practice the hand movement.

for example if it is the overhand you're struggling with, first practice with a poi in your left hand doing the extra beats on the left side only. to do that, break down the movement into an even simpler exercise where you take your left hand and wrap it around your right wrist such that the fingers on your right hand are verticle and closer to the right side of your body while you do some revolutions with the left poi (as the left hand is wrapped around the right wrist) on the left side. Then practice doing a side to side figure 8 with your wrist wrapped like that. then practice the entire weave doing the wrap around on the left side only -- all this time with just one poi in the left hand.

then, do the same exercise with one poi in the right hand only.

then try it again with both poi, only attempting the extra counts on the left side of the body.

repeat the exercises above in reverse on the right side and then try and put the whole thing together.

hope this helps...

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Posted:Did you see the animated clip for the 5 beat weave in the poi lessons section weavesmiley