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Posted:People have told me they've seen them tonight in Hobart.... Anyone else in Aus seen it? I've always been fascinated by the auroras....but I've never ever seen them.

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Posted:where do you have to go in australia to most likely see them on any given night? I don't know anything about your crazy pole besides it has penguins, pretty much.

Are they as common in like, tasmania or the tip of south africa as they are in areas of similar latitude and longitute in canada and europe (bits of asia to)

Also do penguins ever steer off course and end up in harbours they aren't supposed to be? Like sydney harbour? where they live a increadibly cute lifestyle in the wrong ecosystem? if not why not?


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Posted:Never seen the 'Australis, but I have had the honour of seeing the northern lights, on the night of a lunar eclipse to boot!

'Twas spesh. Thank you, libery caps for making the experience all the more.....hmmmm how shall I say?.... organic. sunny

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Posted:the various "space weather" indecies indicate that there is probably strong auroral activety presently, even in the mid lattitude regions, so it is distinctly possible.


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Posted:Steph, Check out the front page of Today's (11.11) Age. Due to certain conditions and the like, they are being seen in victoria! I must check it out!!!

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Posted:should be seeable in sa too, hopefully. we got the best eclipse back whenever it was

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Posted:woo will look out for them tonight - I guess they will be in the south? smile

last night wasnt clear, but tonight looks good!

I'm excited! I really want to see some 'Lights!


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