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walmart just fired me for buying a camera for the wrong price. i didn't know it was the wrong price, and other people bought the camera too, but i got fired for it. i had nothing to do with pricing it, i didn't even know it was on sale until a customer brought it to me, so i went and grabbed another one and went to buy it, but apparently it was the wrong price, and nobody told me that until later that night when they MADE ME return the camera (as in, i had no choice in the matter). then i come in a few days later and the `loss prevention district manager` hands me my walking papers.

so, i need a job. i can write PHP well and some Perl, know my way around *nix like the back of my hand, and can develop pictures like a madman. my customer service skills are beyond reproach. oh, and of course i spin =]

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man, what a load of corporate BS! Sorry that happened to you dude. hug

but unfrtunately I can only console, as I have no job leads for you - at least not i the states...


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i work for a bank and can understand the utter frustration on corporate bable and unfairness, that sux buddy confused

i hope something turns up for you soon

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i wish i could help but hence i am 13

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Is there not an option to pursue a claim for unlawful dismissal?

Not sure what it's like in the states, but over here they're not allowed to sack you for something you didn't do, and, if they do then they're open to being sued.

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try this ...

well , its a start smile

i like breaking the Law frown , of Gravity wink !

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sorry to hear about that... can you get unemployment?
Maybe there's an independent locally owned mom and pop shop you can work at, unless they all got driven out of business by wal mart! rolleyes

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Just to be different, i'd like to say "Hurrah" and congratulate you for no longer working for Walmart, as they're a bunch of evil corporate b*stards who look upon the tragedy in Iraq as a good money-spinning venture. I know things will be difficult for you until you get a better job, but believe me, you're better off out of there.

I need a job too. I'm always broke. biggrin

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