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Posted:Right, i've been annoyed with our public health system for some time now but last night really topped it off. As some of you know, i am somwhat a little insane and depressed. Some fo you know that i aheva real problem with cutting myself and bulimia. For those who didnt, it sucks, dont ever do it, the only reason i am is because i cant stop.
Last night, exacly two months after my boyfriend broke up with me i got sad and decided to see how deep i could cut myself (stupid f******* idea)
Half an hour later mum had caleld an ambulance and i had gone somwehat catatonic. They rushed me off to hospital and they said i would get help strightaway. So i go and sit in a secluded little room....
Fot 3 hours no one came, i sat in emergency for 3 hours with blood dripping down my arms. After that soem guy cam in and said "take this sleeping pill, call this number in the morning"
So i left at 3 in the morning after listening non stop to a baby crying, a door beeping and some posh women complaining to her lawyer on her phone.
Yup, i love you Australian public health system.
There ahve been more instances liek this though - my last one was in march when i had broken my finger, snapped the ligament and taken the chip off the bone. I waited for 5 hours with no ice or panadol, and the x-ray guy smacked my hand down on the board to be x-rayed....OW
Also when i was young i got really sick and turned YELLOW. The wait was something like ten hours and i was almost dying, i hate them all.
I'm okay now.
Anyone else want to havea whinge about the health system?

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Posted:The UK's is just as bad.

Obviously not the fault of the staff- there's not enough funds to run it properly.

I had a dilema when I hit myself in the eye whislt spinning fire meteors. When I prised my eye open there was a large and scary misty patch in my vision, and it felt pretty serious.

I had to choose between staying at home, constantly rinsing it out, and hoping for the best; or going to the local emergency unit where I would be guaranteed many hours waiting, and probably no access to water for rinsing.

I stayed home, luckily it worked out OK.

Hope you can sort the cutting out- one of the many positive aspects would be that you'd be spared having to be subjected to the public health system.

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Posted:I can totally sympathise with you on this one...the amount of times I have been sitting in the emergency room trying to breathe (chronic asthmatic) and watching people go through with broken limbs (one famous footy player with a sprained ankle got in before me at one stage talk about favouratism).

Surely someone who can't breathe and is suffering from something that has killed a hell of a lot more people than a broken arm should get priority over simple things.

Mind you I have found that since moving from the Eastern States into Western Australia the treatment I have recieved in the ER room is much improved...they seem to have their priorities straight over here.


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Posted:Our few experiences in Emergency have been good. There have been waits but we have been seen quickly and efficiently.

One of the big problems in West Aust and probably elsewhere is the use of emergency as a GP service. They clog the system and take up beds. The staff are working their butts off normally with understaffing and excessive paperwork a problem.

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Posted:Canada is the same way. When I broke my leg in a paintball accident (somehow steping on a root causeing my leg to bend with a lot of torque at a ridiciolous angle) I had to get the temporary cast removed and a fancy fibreglass one put on, so I went in (the emergency unit was the only place I could possibly go for this) and some doctor was so frazzled and unfocused from fatigue she put the cast on with my foot positioned at a 45 degree angle. Me being an idiot never noticed I couldn't walk on this (like I was supposed to in a couple of days) and hobbled out of the hospital and didn't realize her error untill I got home.

So I come back the next day, patiently wait 6 hours to see a doctor, he has no idea why I am here to see him (triage made a mistake) gets ridiciously upset and removes the cast with the cast saw pushing as hard as he can, resulting in the blade that isn't supposed to be able to cut skin to cut a neat little line down my leg. I didn't complain I merely politely pointed out I think he used a bit to much pressure, and he fault horrible and appologized. He had a cast saw to grind, and I happened to be his grinding wheel all because the ER unit was in complete and utter chaos and he was on the verge of mental breakdown (it should be noted he also works as a GP with a insanely huge amount of regular patients)

As for the cutting, it seems to be a common tactic in hospitals to be as completly rude and unhelpful as possible, hopeing it will make the person decide they don't like to cut anymore. It doesn't work, and don't let it stop you from going for medical help when you need it.




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Posted:Yeah well the Australian Public Health system is only going to get worse given the government (I didnt) "we" voted in...

Oh when will the Australian public learn.....

OK I am not hi-jacking this thread and making it a political rant. I don't do stuff like that, and if I did I would probably get done for a terriost act or something...

Right... anyway...Sakura_moon honey, I think you really need to focus on positive things, theres a lot of great stuff happening out there, and really wonderful warm and fuzzy people (most of us live here biggrin) you really need to sort out your self-harm thing.

I never ended up in hospital but I have a few self-inflicted scars on my body from that time, that I look at and regret. They remind me of that I was a sad, angry teenager, but you get through it, and you gotta always look on the bright side of life, and make sure you surround yourself with lovely warm positive people and experiances... hang in there matey hug


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Posted:Right now I'm trying to get registered on the Medicare system. As an Australian passport holder they need me to prove I'm staying in the country. Apparently a one-way ticket and a P45 aren't enough, yet they can't tell me *what* proof is, exactly.

Until one of us can figure it out I'm not allowed to have any accidents.


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Posted:In the US if you dont have insurance, you don't matter.....period. point in case :: my daughter was running a fever of 101.06, now for thoose who don't know 104 is lethal to an adult, 4 1/2 hours later the doctor comes out, gives us a over the counter cold syrup and leaves.........tryed to tell the nurse that my wife and i already tryed this same brand, another 2 hours for the doc to come back.............Now 3 years latter we have insurance, my daughter got sick, kids got a bad immune system, in and out with good care in less than 4 hours!!!!!!

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