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Forums > Social Discussion > Conspiracy theory - Pentagon attack 9/11

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I'm not a big fan of conspiracy theories, but this did strike me as odd at the time...

Thoughts anyone?

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Posted:"Operation Bingo" Neeto.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]


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Posted:care to elaborate Mr Rock Star?

wait, i'll just put on my tinfoil hat first...

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Posted:I've researched this aspect of 9/11 rather extensively, and there are just too many holes in the government's "official story" to believe it is true. I could list all manner of things, but those videos make all the same points.

To those who think this is just a conspiracy theory, ask yourself, what exactly constitutes a conspiracy theory? Most describe it as an alternative explanation with far-fetched, unproveable components, which happen to fill in gaps in the 'official story.'

Sounds a lot like the government's explanation of where the WMD's in Iraq went to.

All I'm saying is be wary whenever someone labels something as a conspiracy theory, because more often than not, it's merely a label designed to attack the credibility of the person making the claim, and not the claim itself.

Oh, and Domino? 23 Skidoo wink

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Posted:Your right, this is a lot like the WMD issue.

We know that Saddam had WMDs, because he used them.
We know that there was a plane, because people got on it and it took off with them.

Now the WMDs are gone, and the plane is gone.

I suspect Extraterrestrials.

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faith enfire

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Posted:Hail Eris!

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