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So I see plenty of fly poi videos using sock POI. I've done a search.. but only see the suggestion "Use long socks"
I am looking for a bit more detail. Most sock POIers seem to be UK or EU... I'm in the USA (no I didn't vote for him)
what kind of socks.. what material..
how do you get the great colors.. etc...
just looking for detail above and beyond "Use long socks and rice"

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Go to a sock store and buy any long socks (above the knee). They can be made of anything you like and be any colour you like. The ones with non slip soles don't work so well so avoid them. Then I put inside mine millet filled juggling balls, but you can use tennis balls, or bags of rice, dried peas or beans. Weight them to something you feel comfortable with. Tie knots in the top at a length that is roughly the distance from your arm pit to finger tips. Now you have sock poi! Its that simple. Go spin and have fun.

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[Old link] smile

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I'm from the UK, but spend most of my time in the US.
I think the reason there's not as many people spinning sock poi out here is cos there's not that many places that sell good socks.
In the UK they're super easy to find.

Ones that work best are 'over the knee' socks, that aren't super thick.
Then just follow what Skulduggery said above.
The ones I make are stripy socks in cool colours. I put a cup of rice inside an old sock, tie it up, put it inside the stripy sock, tie a knot just above it, and you have sock poi. smile

A lot of people prefer tying a knot in the top end, and using it as a handle.
I prefer wrapping them round my hands (helps keep my hands toastie and warm in Britain, but can make them a bit hot when I'm in Houston!)

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soccer socks , football socks , rugby socks , ice hockey socks = long socks biggrin

cheers have fun :P

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Actually, socks stretch. I've got a pair of knee high Union Jacks that are about 8 feet long now. My favorite pair are just a pair of regular ankle high socks that have now stretched to about standard poi length.

Any patterned socks will work, horizontal stripes always look cool. I've got a store called "Sock Man" on my block so I'm lucky.

You can find a good sock store or store that sells wacky socks in any mall.

Or the internet. biggrin

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I've used sock poi a lot and never buy long socks. Normal white sports socks (below the knee ones) work well if you give them some good hard stretches, and tend to lengthen with a few weeks spinning.

A good alternative to the usual tennis balls or rice is a balloon with a little water put in and knotted up- you can set it to the kind of weight you want and it won't mash you up so bad if you hit yourself. Naturally, you may be concerned about leaking/bursting, but mine have been going for months without any mishaps.

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