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I hate Andrew being home because he takes on the role of my parents and for some reason, HE is incharge of whether I go out or not, not mum or dad.

I want to go out tonight. I even said 'I can be back at 11.30 if it concerns you that much'

I'm so f*cking pissed off. I've become accustomed to being out a fair bit and I can't get used to the being bound inside at home.

But no, it's all about studying. ONLY COMMUNICATION we have, is when they are telling me to study. Oh yeah f*cking great family we are

I'm sick of them controlling me. I know I sound like a whiney spoilt teenager but for f*ck!I hate it


Sometimes I want the house to myself but do I ever get it? NO! Because we have this old ratty bitch mole of a motherfucker lady that is here EVERYDAY. She's a family friend, she's old, she's lonely - not married, no kids... I only put up with her because my brother (one in the wheelchair) loves her. And she storms home if she doesn't get her way...she's f*cking 60 for fucks sake. She is so stubborn and it doesn't help that she's half deaf so she is so loud and she has the TV blasting. I have NEVER had the house to myself in 17 years of my life. And isn't the guilt just bulding up now from saying that about her...jesus

Nothing f*cking counts in yr 11...all it is is practice for yr 12. My yr 12 will be fine....I'm just doing art, media and easy stuff like that.... but last year I happened to pick fasttracking psychology because I thought it would be great but no... It's sh*t and I hate it. There's only 3 weeks left of that course when we get back at school...and the [f*cking EXAM will be shitful.

My god...I could f*cking scream and cry right now.

I need to yell and I need to destroy something...I feel like kicking the wall

And my friends?

"let's get stoned and drugged on speed everynight of the holidays and be bisexual all over everyone'

Oh and

'lets steal from steph what she rightfully paid for and owns'

F*ck them.

I only f*cking hang around with them cos I have no one else.

Oh! And another thing. My brother flat out f*cking yelled at me before because I accidently said 'There's people there that I haven't seen all holidays there though' or something along the lines of that. He yelled and swore at me because I said 'that' instead of 'who'. He said 'I'm sick of having to correct your grammar steph'

f*cking medical student dux/top student of his f*cking year


I'd firetwirl but I can't be bothered getting changed, smelling of kero then showering again.

I just f*cking need advice before I go insane

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.All things are beautiful if we take the time to look.

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comfortably numb
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I'm so sorry for bringing this upon you. frown

I really didn't think of it at the time and now that I read over it it's horrible to read.... I'm sorry

.All things are beautiful if we take the time to look.


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Posted:hey, you need to get that anger out, it does no good whatsoever bottled up inside you. one thing i find works is smacking the living crap out of a pillow, cos theyre soft, and dont hurt like walls do. you could also write a story, about how you kidnap your brother and make him feel dumb as a rock or something. then give it to him. actually... dont give it to him. or get some old wood, a chisel and a hammer and beat away at it, then, as you cool off, try to sculpt it into something.

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That was great.
I wish I could get as angry as that.
I had one brother I worshipped and one I hated. He came for me with a hammer once.
Oh, I used to get so mad at him.

Don't worry, most people feel like that about their familys sometimes.
It's natures way of making you leave home.

By the way, If my brother had corrected my grammer, (as he was as thick as pig shite it would have been a cold day in hell...) I would have stabbed him.
I think you must be gifted with much patience and self control.

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Posted:Hey now, don't be knocking med students. Not all of us are at the top of our classes. (I'm sure not!)

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Boxing! And if not that, do Fire Poi and piss him off with the smell of Kero?...

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Posted:oi! Sorry that things are tough, but please refrain from swearing as much as possible. Please go back into your post and edit all the f*cks and associated words.

Thank you.

PS - I was in a very similar position to you when I was in my final years of high school. In retrospect, I wish I had studied, rather than gone out to smoke weed and sleep with my boyfriend.

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