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I just bought a pair of Monkeyfist poi from this site, but it doesnt say what the core is made out of. Does anybody know?

DomBRONZE Member
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I know the old ones had a core of kevlar wrapped round wire that then protruded from the top. The new one's are probably similar.

Kombi guyBRONZE Member
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The newish design Kevlar Monkeyfists have a hollow wooden block in the centre, that allows the eyebolt to spin freely. weavesmiley

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ey, what's monkeyfist?? i'm new here and i've seen that word a couple of times

onewheeldaveGOLD Member
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A bulky knot to make the end of a rope heavy.

Most common use in spinning is to make a set of 'meteors' (one cord weighted at both ends which looks like a combination of staff and poi when spun) and as a large wick ends for fire poi.

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