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Posted:Ok so my lil sis has her friend around today for tea (how sweet rolleyes )

Her friend jsut asked if she could ring home.


'well my mum was a bit iffy about comming to your house, because you know....


'its in Sidley....she wanted to know i was safe after i'd walked home with lucy'

eek eek eek

Im sorry but i know this place hasn't got the best reputation but sheez! its not that bad!

My mum has said that if she had the money we would live someplace better, but quite frankly im happy here, i can walk to school, im closer to my friends and its just nice smile and the house is better than the old crappy one.

What bugs me is that people will automatically judge me from the place that I live. Its just wrong dammit!

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Posted:I spoke to f*cking soon.
They've just been to woods, and were having stones thrown at them by some townies on the way. Then they got the to park and where chased by the same people whilst they we're shouting 'we're gonna get you, you f*cking bitches!'
They must get a kick out scaring the s*it outta litte 13 year old girls. What is it with townies??????
mad mad mad


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Posted:don't take it personally - her mum wasn't judging you at all.

sounds like her mum was just concerned for her daughter's safety - and rightfully so by the sound of it!

your sister and her friend are only 13 - i would expect most mothers to ask for a call to know they got to your house safely, no matter what the area you live in is like.


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Posted:I can't stand townies. What probably made it worse was that I went to a private school and they walked done the road in the middle and ALWAYS had to cause trouble, always, what is wrong with some poeple?

Anyways, for all those outside the UK wondering what a townie is go look at www.chavscum.co.uk

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Posted:i cant believe some made a whole website for that.....

i agree with cole, mums always worry about there babies no matter where they are.

i empathise with your sensitivity to the subject too, i grew up in an area that is known throughout ireland as a place where you car gets stolen and your friends get murdered. And that what happens. If it wasnt for my mum i can guarantee i would be a car thief and/or a drug dealer with a few years in juvie under my belt.

I know alot, ALOT of people that slag of my area in my presence because they have no idea where im from. i take great pleasure in telling them after theve finished. it means i get to watch them squirm and back of and make attempt apologies.

NONE of my friends were allowed visit me when i was growing up......

so i weild my address proudly and use it to challenge peoples values. if they can see that im not about to steal their car then maybe they will be a little less judgemental in the future. Maybe it'll mean someone gets an oppurtunity before they make the decision to rob a house because their bored/broke feel hated and not allowed leave their 'class'.

sorry for the rant folks

*backs away quietly*

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Posted:But you're not exactly the average, are you Aidan!?!?


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Posted:I know what you mean, Aimee, my friend's mom was freaking out about her little brother going over to his friends house and walking around because he doesn't live in the nicest neighborhood, and she didn't want people picking on him because his bright blond hair would make him "stand out"...a bit paranoid, if you ask me. The friend reassured her that he would be fine, but she was still worried. I know its a mothers nature, but still.

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Posted:I've got a kid, well, I used to have one, but he grew up and now he thinks he's a person.
I just thought I'd tell you that mothers always worry. I used to wonder why my mum got so worried about me. Now I know.
Mothers never stop worrying about their kids, even when they are grown up. Kids never take any notice and wonder what the fuss is about.
It is the nature of things, and cannot be changed.

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Posted:I so agree with Lillie, my Mom is 63 and she is still fussing over me. rolleyes It can not be changed, it gets turned on and there is nothing that can turn it off.

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Posted:i'm 16, i have long hair, i sometimes wear a bit of black, and frankly i am very pissed off with the neighborhood that used to live in and still have to walk through. i allways used to get shouted at, and on a few occasions have had very bad experiences and its all because we dont have short hair and dont wear adidas clothing, my friends have had noses broken by random twats for the same reasons, its pathetic and needs somthing to be done, but still nothing happens

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Posted:i know what you mean, i live in staines, well like half a mile out of stianes in a little village called laleham but no one knows it (not even people who live like 10miles from it) so i have to say staines, and immidiately people look down on me cos they think of ali g and the staines massive etc, we arent all like that, however i am prone to like him be found in a trolley waitrose car park at about 5am

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Posted:aww dont worry pudding everwhere there are townies. the wired race that no1 gets. i mean, why would u want to cause troubel for no reason and hurt people that have done nothing wrong to you. i really think they should bring back castration. then at least the feckers couldnt multiply. damn them. damn them all. hope ur fine and dandy
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Posted:hehe. nah we had pizza had ice cream for tea, so they were better after that. Still pretty scared though.
I know that mums worry, and that she should have rung where ever she was going, but it was the fact that she was told to ring becasue she was comming to Sidley and that her mum didn;t think it was sfae for her to walk home.
It just pisses me off mad I afraid to invite one of my best friends over who i havnt seen since i moved frown but im scared for her, because i know that if we go out get seen by someone we'll get abuse, because shes..well she differnt!
The house does rock though biggrin



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Posted:yea, but it the same everywhere, im from cullompton, a town fullof grannies in mid devon, youd think that would b safe wouldnt ya! well its not, i think people liuke that just go for n e 1 its sickenin, must say i agree wiv nate somfin needs to b done. problem is wot can u do.
the fing that really gets me tho is people wgho yell at u on the streets and intimidate u and u dont even no them and have nothin against u. sory bout ranting it just gets me really angfry, ive goptten yelled at and called a bitch and every fin else under the sun every timei walk down the highstreet for as long as i remember, and by people i ont even no. its rong that they can get away with it.

ive learned
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Posted:i hate people like that.
i go to a private school and the stigma associated with it gives me the sh*ts. my school may be a private school but the majority of students come from average middle-class backgrounds. but no ! people automatically assume that you daddy is a lawyer and your mummy is a surgeon, and all those stereotypical things....AAARRRRGGGGGHHH!!!!

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