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Singed Piper (formerly Mark1)

Singed Piper (formerly Mark1)

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Posted:the site in my sig is meant to offer info on the nature and history of the common fire arts... however, I have run out of info, and no one will contact me with info, even though i ask on the site... therefore i ask here, does anyone know any more about the arts listed at

if so, please post...

note, i am simply asking for information on fire arts, not inviting you to visit a website... i simply feel it is more concise than posting the entire articals from the site here. I believe this is posted in the same nature as or gooblewarming. if you feel otherwise, i am sorry for offending you.

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Posted:Ok I just looked at your site and I have a few comments.

1. There is very little content to it. A couple of paragraphs on each topic. Minimal research seems to have been done.

2. There are no fire safety warnings I could see on my quick scan through the content.

3. There is no forum although there is a tab for one.

4. I have to say it all looks like its geared for people to buy merchandise from you and nothing more.

I hope you don't think these statements are too harsh. They are just my opinions on your site.

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Singed Piper (formerly Mark1)

Singed Piper (formerly Mark1)

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Posted:the issue with info, is simply the lack of it
I spent a very long time finding what is there, and i've had a hell of a time of it. there's a lot of false info out there, i.e. poi is japanese and people can stand still on molten metal for minutes at a time. I spent months scouring the web for history of these arts, but i just can't find any more. I also used interlibrary loan and it really didn't add much... i know people know about this stuff, i just can't find it...

however, a few paragraphs is all i want, i offer "brief histories of the fire arts" I just want to give as much info in those paragraphs as possible, ergo, why i ask for info.

there is no safety information on the site, because it is not a site about practicing the arts, but about the history of them. it seems to me that putting disclaimers all over the site would be like warning people about the risk of jousting on a site for a rennaissance fair. however, if enough people e-mail me about it, i will consider adding a disclaimer.

the forum issue is a problem with the forum host, i have been unable to get a response to e-mails on the subject. he somehow believes my site is pornographic. I am now looking for a new free forum host.

the store is a joke, i have never sold a product, and never expect to. when i made the site I was asking my friends how to make it look professional. a couple said jokingly "have a store" so i did. it was simply for the ammusement value

the site is a bit sparse at the moment. that is why i am asking for information. my eventual goal is to have s concise history of the origins of each fire art on the site. i do not want it to be a site people return to too often, i just want to get the information out there. I've talked to other spinners/dancers, and most of them know absolutely nothing about the art. someone taught them the art without the history. apparently, a lot of spinners in isreal believe the name pois (false plural of poi) is short for the english word poison. I've heard people claim that the fire people use is "cold" and that all fire arts are hawaiian. the issues need to be cleared up in a codified way, and presented in a format that allows for minimal attention spans. otherwise, most people with misconceptions who visit the site would leave without getting to the meaningful part, simply because of the amount of text.

please, don't just say the info is sparse, help me add to it

Q:What's the difference between the Great Highland Bagpipes and the Northumbrian Pipes?
A:The Great Highland Pipes burn longer.


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Posted:There's been quite a bit on Samoan fire knives on HOP, and there seems to be a lot of info on the internet.

Here's a link: -

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Posted:Perhaps you could put a bit on Indian or swinging clubs (torches) in your Juggling section.

I dunno when they stared using fire, but there is mention of using fire, and even electric light bulbs in Schatz book, originally published in 1908. William Jackson Schatz, Club Swinging for Physical Education and Recreation. Reprinted by Brian Dub Inc, New York 1990.

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Posted:i think the amount of info you want will depend on how far back in history you want to go, all people of the world have used fire for show, either in poi, swords, staff, etc. and i do meen all people, from egypt to the native tribes of, how deep is your conviction?

p.s. your site looks a good work in progress, not bad for just starting it out......

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Posted:hey you might wanna add the hawaiian root called poi and I'm not sure if this is true or not you briefly touched on it but as i recall the poi were actually used to train the warriors for club fighting

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Posted:"poi" refers to the staple food of Polynesia, the production process of which led to the art of poi swinging as developed by the Maori. However it is also the Japanese word for ball, and children in Japan have played with "poi" on the end of string for thousands of years.

Just wanted to clear that up.

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