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  Posted: Mary Poppins is on TV at the moment.
I love that movie. i think it is absolutely great; but i can't watch it. i just can't watch it because it is too embarrassing...


i'm psychologically conditioned to cry in it.
at the end, when she is standing at the door and talking to the bird on her umberella; i will cry. every time. without fail. i will bawl my eyes out.
i dont even need to have seen the entire movie; that part alone will do it for me.

dad always said that perhaps i had some psychological thing that made me cry every time, and in psych last year i learnt that i'm classically conditioned to do it.

i cried at that point so much as a little kid because she was leaving, and i still do it now.

i was just wondering if anyone else has an embarrassing little thing like this? maybe not with movies, but perhaps with something else (i dont know what though!)

i also really want to go and watch the movie, but i'm so embarrassed that i'm going to cry in it!!!

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