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I've been having lots of fun with tangles recently. I thought id try and tell you how to do some of it.

I dont know if all of what I'm about to try and describe has been covered before or not, but if it has, I dont think I've understood it so that might make this thread worthwhile anyway.

Rev posted a fun stuff to do with tangles thread a while ago. its [Old link] This is different (less insane in my opinion). but if you learn all the stuff in his thread, and all the stuff in this thread, your tangles will become silly. biggrin

Stuff you need to be able to do: tangled buzzsaws (for most fun backwards/forewords, from left and right)

Some pictures:

Non-Https Image Link

I will refer to these by their numbers later sorry they are piss poor. Hope you can tell they are a guy with tangled up poi though (in various positions)

Right. Here we go. (this is just how I think about it and explain it to myself, it is not the bible). All the moving about of the tangle happens on even (??? I think) beats or how I think of it the same poi always leads. I'm not sure what happens if you try and lead with 'the wrong poi'.. I think its weird.

How to add/get rid of twists when spinning tangled buzzsaw

When you are doing a normal tangled buzzsaw and its happily spinning about in the buzzsaw bit in-between your arms, you are in the position shown in picture 1. When you are doing this I say you are spinning a tangled buzzsaw with no extra twists.

Lets say you entered your (forwards) tangled buzzsaw from the right (right poi is leading), to add an extra twist, move the poi to the position shown in picture 2, and then back to position 1. You are now spinning a tangled buzzsaw with one extra twist.

To get rid of this twist move the tangle to the position shown in picture 3, then move it back to position 1. You are now spinning a tangled buzzsaw with no extra twists, if you move this to position 3 again, it will come untangled.

You can add more than one twist, although my socks start to get a bit angry with two twists in

You can add more than one twist at once, by letting it spin around twice when you add the twist (this is hard). You can get rid of two twists at once, which if you had one extra twist, means you'll come untangled (this is easier).

Right now youve got the basics you can play (all of this is assuming you are starting off with a forewords tangled buzzsaw from the right), quite a stable tangle that involves all this little lot is just continuously adding and removing twists, so in terms of my pictures it goes, 1>2>1>3>1>2>1>3 etc. and on forever. I find this more stable than just a tangled buzzsaw, or I can keep it going for longer anyway. Another one you could do is 1>2>3>2>3 etc. this is harder and I cant do it, but I reckon you could call it a tangled (4bt???) weave when it works.

It is fairly easy to do double wrist wraps when either in positions 2 or 3. Go play. Play with turning around in both directions to its fun. Double wrist thru wraps from positions 2 or 3 anyone? Should be possible

Dont forget whenever you are in position 1 you can in theory stay there as long as you want.

Another way to add an extra twist is to enter the tangle buzzsaw from a 5bt-weave position. Your wrists start twisted up, and then as you untwist your wrists the poi twist up.


look at picture four, go into this position from a tangled buzzsaw or a butterfly hyperloop. Depending on which way your tangle is going and which way you cross your arms, this adds or removes a twist, this can hence be used to untangle tangles. My attempts at this are often on the sketchy side though. I reckon there is more stuff that this can be used for to, it hasnt occurred to me yet.


All this is possible with butterfly hyperloops too. I'm only just beginning to be able to do it though.

There is a difference though: where as with a weave the infinite bit that could go on forever (position 1) is between you arms with butterflies its outside your arms. With butterflies you add/take away twists between your arms, except they dont look like twists, like the weave ones do.

Stuff I still need to know

How do I get from a butterfly hyperloop thats been and done a 'twist' between your arms into a butterfly airwrap? (which is from what I gather is the butterfly tangle where one poi is just on top of the other, and it never goes between your arms?) I want to know this, because I can go from butterfly airwraps to weaves, (via a wrist wrap)

Basically I just want to be able to transition from weave to butterfly tangles (and back again) seamlessly. Any ideas?

Sorry if none of that made sense or you knew it all already.

Feel free to tell me all of that^^^ is wrong if you think it is, part of the reason why im doing this is so i understand it better.

confused eek hug

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 Written by: TheWibbler

Anyhoo, I find when i do butterfly tangles and try to make them split time they end up half way between butterfly and buzzsaw tangle. It's amazing how this makes it all fit into place.

doesn't that make them atomic tangles???

I've been wondering about whether all butterfly tangles are really atomics...

The thing is while I can do some fun atomic tangly things I don't understand what any of them are well enough to explain in text...

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