poi_boySILVER Member
42 posts
Location: dunstable, uk

easy. well if ure reading this then ure like me an couldnt go to reading, man sooo pissed off, i did choose glasto over reading but i live for the festivals man!

what u people doin to forget the fessies goin on an ure not there? !!

easy ! ;p every days a festival!

efes spinnernewbie
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Location: Northern Cyprus

dude, i missed reading festival cause i move 2000 miles away!
der isnt a chance that im not gonna be der next year tho...last yea was funny as feck, plus i managed to get lodsa v.i.p geust passes wink im just gettin mash up to tell the truth an thinking about the fact that i can have a nice hot shower when ever i want an sleep in my comfy bed hehe.

To each der own as with all in life.

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