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For those who use beanbags as poi weight, which beans do you find to be the lightest? I need to make big bags soon, and want to keep them as light as possible. I'm currently using lentils(and the bags are already pretty heavy), but thinking about chick peas or lima beans, just because i figure since they're bigger they'll take up more space.

any help greatly appreciated

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I was intending to advise a friend to use rice smile

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You could just make your bags smaller, and thus, would need less beans to fill them, thus making them lighter?

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Dont use rice - i did in some i made...Then of course they got wet. Have you ever smelt gone off wet rice? Absolutely disgusting! Also they go rock hard if theyre damp too - not good. Someone suggested the 'beans' that are sold in pet shops for dog beds? Maybe....

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I use cheap bird seed from the pet shop - it's really small and so is a better texture for catching.

If you want it lighter plastic granules are lighter, but I don't know where you'd find these. Or mix the seeds with the styrofoam stuffing in bean bags until the overall weight is what you're after.

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Balloons with a little water in can make a good alternative to beans; very nice to spin and soft if you hit yourself.

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just be sure to not be wearing anything sharp when spinning water filled balloons.... otherwise you might get a little wet!

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