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Ok, i'm confused confused

I understand backwards and forwards weave.

But BTB..

If you take a forwards weave and then transition to BTB, is that a BTB forwards or backwards weave? I seem to have seen it called both confused


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Dorothy Gale

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That's something I have never managed to get my head around!!

I just stick to calling them both "BTB weave", it seems to get me out of trouble on most occasions!


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It's still forwards. Think of direction in the side planes as the direction they go over your shoulder.

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yeah, you can do both fwds btb and bckwds btb, it depends which way you're going!

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Thanks smile

Not that it matters; i need to get better both ways biggrin But it's useful to know.


"But what would you do with a brain if you had one?"

Dorothy Gale

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Dunno why this model works in my head but...

If you put a golf ball on the floor next to your foot, and hit it with your poi while weaving, and the ball goes forward... like in the direction you're looking, you're doing a reverse weave, whether it's BTB or not.

If the golf ball goes backwards, behind you, you're doing a forward weave.

I don't know why that works for me but it does.

Scary insight into my brain I guess. smile

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ever thought of them as tennis strokes - fwd as over-arm and rev as under-arm...?

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What is it when you keep missing the golf ball and hit the cat?

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a stupid cat for standing there while you repeatedly hit it

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I usually think of it likethe wheels of a train - if the poi are coming over your head from behind, and if they touched the floor they'd take you forward. and the opposite for reverse, obv. - no matter whether its in front or BTB


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Iv mentoned before that you usually go from say rev to rev btb (or froward weave to for btb). But you CAN also go from for weave into rev btb, or rev weave into for btb.

But noone listens to me anyways so wtf.

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