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I know how to do the weave, and the weave behind the back, but I need help with some cool way to change between theese. Anyone got any tips plz =)

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dude, you have to go into it from backwards weave. when my hands untwist on the left i bring my left hand across by back so the poi swing up past my right hip.

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*nods* I do it by uncrossing my arms as though I'm going to change sides infront, slowing down, and then pushing hands back behind my back.

I find it harder to come from BTB to infront smile

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From BTB butterfly - ankle wrap one poi and you can go into BTB weave

From giant/long-arm windmills, bring them down into BTB weave...

Lots of ways really - just play around and see how to get into it from all your tricks


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going from a long arm windmill into a btb weave looks sweeeet, takes a bit o practice though. I like the sound of the ankle wrap too, i'll have to try it when i get home.! biggrin

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