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Posted: I have been Fire Twirling for 6 years now and am still amazed at

how many talented twirlers are so wraped up in the technical

side of what their doing they forget to move their bodies, where

is the dance? confused confused confused

I believe dancing is such an important part of spinning fire,

because it all becomes one big flowing dance and the poi/staff is

just an extension of the body and when the body dances the

poi/staff will dance with it. I find it's much more beautiful to watch

and to be a part of. ubblove weavesmiley ubblove

It just appears to me that some twirlers put so much importance

on how many moves they have mastered that they forget that

body movement is just as important.

Any thoughts? confused

Thanks smile


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Posted:mmm... ice cream...chocolate...
oops sorry,
My train of thought was still de-railed on the whole ice cream thing

ahem! Dance...yes, it rocks biggrin ubbloco

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Posted:Written by: ado-p

Its a home truth that you wigling makes Poi seem more fluid though. I saw it last night when myflat made did a lovely smooth turn that i cant do. And i cant do it because i dont move my ass out of the way,.

That must be me then. redface
Thanx!! wink

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Dancing with Poi - it's my favourite pass time.

So after twirling for about 4 and a half years now, I have a soundish repertoire of technical tricks and can dance with them. At least I like to think I do wink.

Since, I don't have a huge repertoire of technical tricks, I used to find that sometimes I would be frustrated or at least feel inadequate (especially when Josh and I went to the UK and I saw what some of you guys could do). It made me feel a little pressured by the way Poi seems to be developing into getting more technical. Then when I got back to Oz I came to the realisation...

Poi or twirling for that matter is what you want out of it... and for me that's dance. biggrin What can I say I am a dancer or at least I consider myself as liking dancing a lot. So that comes first. When I Poi I really try and dance and move my body especially to the music which dictates my flow. I may end up doing simpler moves but grooving to the tunes. Then you can really see my self expression come out.

Sometimes I will find myself too tired at a doof to twirl (ok it happens sometimes) or more often theres no room on the dance floor to twirl. So I end up dancing the same way I would if I had Poi in my hands. It's lots of fun. If you know your circles well and where the Poi are going to go in particular moves and transitions you can really work on they way your body is moving and so you can really groove with the music. If you go with the notion Dance like no one is watching you it doesnt matter what you look like wink So dont be afraid.

I think theres room for both Technical twirling and dancing. But I tend to side more with the dancing. I find I really enjoy watching someone dance with a few simple moves then watch someone pull of a million different technical moves but be stiff as a board. Although I will still be way impressed with your technicalness.

Anyway, Glass I am secretly kinda glad you are "unlearning" your techy moves to dance more... but I think you could really pull of the technical twirling and dancing matey. Keep up the good work.

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Posted:suddenly a large feline marching band in black and white pirate costumes and banners that say "GETTING JIGGY WHILE DOING 7 BT ISO BTB HYP INV CROSSWV WW'S" walks through the forum with horns and drums blaring

"hup, you were right josh, there they go..." wow eek
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Posted:hugs to durbs redface

Valura is sooo right - she just can't help but dance and she always looks incredible. biggrin Oli is kinda similar to Glass (wicked to see you posting - keep up the unlearning!) in the sense that they have such knowledge and understanding of the way Poi can be used technically without getting boring and static - I take my hat off to them both.....

Of other boys I've seen twirl I reckon Bender, Josh and Ben-ja-men all manage to get it too - I could watch you all spin for hours (or possibly days if you didn't fall down from exhaustion) ubbloco

I would write a really long post but having read Katinca's I'm simply going to say I agree totally with everything she said. smile (she is such an inspiring spinner too. How annoying - surely it's not fair to be both wise and talented wink )

Some people love to turn and spin and dance with their favourite flowing moves
Some like to express themselves through the techy gravity-defying tricks with less dancing
Others pick a bit from each and see where it takes them

I love that Poi is so versatile. I love that everyone uses it how they like and enjoys it nonetheless. I love that although i usually prefer to watch someone dance and bounce, the person next to me could be fascinated only by the incredibly technical new ideas. It's all about how we and other people react so differently to what we do and how we enjoy such different aspects of it - and i love that too.

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Posted:me, i cant dance. unless im drunk. and we all know that drunk and fire dont mix.

I do try to move, however im not sure if i acheive a great deal or not. im thinking of learning some more technically stuff, then learning to dance and/or wiggle, then mixing the two together. I hope that works well enough...

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Posted:I don't think you don't need to learn to dance, I think you just need to allow yourself to dance.weavesmiley

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Posted:HERE HERE!!!!

Let yourself move with the Poi and/or staff, and slow down your movments, you can find that this may even "force" you to move around and dance... wave tongue

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Posted:I like to dance with Kadafi
br>Kadafi make me wanna moveitmoveit baaaaad

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