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ddedhiaBRONZE Member
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So, I learned forward swing and backward swing. I can also swing in opposite direction. I then learnt the butterfly and giant butterfly moves. I am now progressing to alternate butterfly move but end up hitting myself in the back.

Any suggestions or tips ..

thanks in advance


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PoiGirlPoiGirlBRONZE Member
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Umm. Well, sorry to say it (this is one of my least favourite tips, and here I am using it!) I think this may just take practice! Getting planes right can be difficult, but after a time, often with many errors and bruises, everything will become smoother and you won't hit yourself so much. Sorry for the inadequate advice - keep it up though! hug

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Yeah, just practise doing it with one hand at a time until each separate hand is smooth, and then move onto trying each one in turn smile

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ok, im also having trouble with the alternate butterfly. ive been at this a VERY short time *g* My problem is that when i bring the hand back i seem to put in an extra twist that makes the poi do a figure of 8.. it looks nice but its not what im trying to do and im gettnig frustrated!! *lol*

stiksstiksBRONZE Member
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when frustrated, just remind yourself that getting hit in the eye, the temple, the crotch, the back of the knees and the small of the back is, in fact, a zen thing and all shall be restored meditate

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nearly_all_gonenearly_all_goneSILVER Member
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Totally agree stiks, all about the zen in this sort of situation

Worth trying bending over backwards a bit more/less. Both of these have resulted in me hitting myself in the back/bum

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