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Hello, my house mates and I are having are party to celebrate our 24th. There will be bands in the early evening and a fire in the back garden. If anyone wants to pop round to do some spinning, that'll be nice cos I know loads of peeps in Mosley spin.

I've got me own fire staff, poi, devil sticks, diabolo parraffin and boric acid so there's no need to worry bout losing ur own stuff. Was about 100 - 150 peeps last year through out the night so hopefully it'll be just as good this year. There will be a bit of free beer but inevitabley it'll be drunk within the first half hour by the bands who are playing so probably best to bring ur own.

85 Kingswood rd (inbetween ladypool rd and Alcester rd)

0777 978 1022

I apologise if this is in the wrong section and for this post being completly irrelevant for most people. Im just crap at things like this.

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Yeah shold in in events really. No doubt will be moved soon eh mods?! wink

Sounds good but you missed off the date, when is it? I'm only in Telford so would be well up for comin down and playin with you guys if I'm free

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Let's relight this forum ubblove

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