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Posted:Ive seen this done before where the person jumps over the poi from a horizontal windmill on its down beat where both of the poi are in time. Can this be done with arms length poi or do you need longer chains?

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Posted:Yup, sure can be done, but ya gotta have a pretty good reach, and try not to knee yoursulf in the face on the way up...It Hurts!
Also, if that gets boring you can do a straddle jump over em too, but it's fairly hard to coordinate between your legs, so try with one poi first. ooooops
Looks crazy when done well though, i thorouly recommend em wink

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Posted:ohhh im gonna try that tommorow

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Posted:It's quite easy after a bit of practise..... the backwards butterfly over your head in same time, when the right poi is on the right and left on the left side bring them down and if you don't jump they should nicely wrap off your shins and back out. If you do jump they'll go sweetly under your legs. The hardest part of this is trying not to go to fast and timing your jump correctly, prepare to fall over and hurt yourself a couple times.

It is also possible to go from forwards butterfly above your head but it's damned hard to complete cuz you have to go backwards under your legs which is very hard due to the way your legs band when your jump.

Good luck, I hope you nail it soon biggrin

Oh and you can do it with any length poi, it make little difference although practice with shorter poi may be a tad easier.

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