fee fairynewbie
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Location: Nr London, UK

what's the strangest thing your emergency poi have been made out of?

I went to a carnival/fete thing today...and saw a staff spinner, so i wanted Poi...there and then. ubbrollsmile

ubbideaI managed to win two pom poms...and then i used Balloon string.

They weren't heavy enough.
Oh well...i'll fix 'em somehow!

SoopaSILVER Member
As Himself
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Location: USA

Oh I was also at a Target during Halloween and picked up some big cartoony ball and chain things and used them till while doing a butterfly they hit together and one broke, and then we ran

Seaspraystranger by the day
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Location: At the Back of the North Wind

I have a fondness for long scarves. Knotted these become suprisingly versatile

Just a dancer in the dark

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