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Ok, sorry to post this here but this is a bit urgent. My poi cost 80 and im terribly worried about one off them. Last night i got in drunk and stupidly decided to have a burn. When it came to putting the poi out i decided to dip my wick in my parafin. I was using a plastic squash bottle to soak the things and forgot that putting the lit wick in the container would cause it to melt. This is what happened, the bottle has completly covered the poi head in plastic which is all stuck to the kevlar. Anyone got any clues as to how i can remove the plastic? Anyone had something melt to their wick before?

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Hmm as far as I can think of, attempt to burn it and hope it all comes off. Try to peel it off maybe. What type of poi head is it? (Cathdral, monkeyfist,...)

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Um... not sure burning it off would be the best thing to do.
a) burning plastic produces toxic fumes
b) it might melt it further into the wick

I would try and get a knife under the plastic and cut it off. It doesn't matter if you cut some of your kevlar as you'll have plenty under it! If that doesn't work buy some new kevlar and re-wick them. I'm sure you'll find plenty of threads in the 'help' section about how to re-wick your poi.

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woow Pink... long time no see smile

cutting it off as much as possible is maybe the best bet...
cutting and scraping... and the rest will burn off anyway when you use the poi

good luck

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Thanx 4 the replys people very helpful. Ive manged to pride the plastic away from the wick then cut it of with a pare of sciscors.

Much appreciated

si : )

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