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I did it! Finally taught other people to spin wink Though they aren't spinning with fire yet, they're all rather stoked. Had three more people to join us than originally intended... (Had a rather large audience at the bay area even if we were using practice stuff! wink )

It was supposed to only last for two hours, but six hours later we moved location and still continued. When the session ended, there were five super exhausted but happy spinners. Half of them could already do the forward & backward weave, corkscrew, windmill and butterflies. Being somewhat of a beginner myself, it wasn't hard to teach everything I knew... after a while we were all experimenting with different stuff. It's like pooling knowledge. biggrin

Didn't think teaching would be this rewarding and this much fun. I'm completely chuffed (and exhausted). Looking forward to the next sesh!

I'm not too clued up on how real classes go though.. What might be the most logical order to learn new moves? biggrin

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It's the only thing that feels as good as learning hug

There's no order IMO, just teach what moves you can and learn along with the students. Concentration on plane control during all the moves your learning is probably one of the most important factors and remember to tell them to slow down, going super fast makes tricks very difficult to find.

hope you have fun!

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I always start by just getting people to spin forwards. Once their planes are perpendicular to their arms i show them other stuff (flutterbys and weaves an stuff)

I'm still convinced that the hardest move to learn is the crossover. Took me ages. Like at least a day. Probably cos i never skipped as a little girl. Probably cos i wasn't a little girl.

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