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Posted:Not nearly as offensive as the suicide bomber thing, I promise.

Which enemy of the christian faith are you

I appear to be a philosopher/scientist

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Jesus helps me trick people.

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Posted:By the way, the 'middleman' term is straight from Bill Hicks's musings on the usefulness of religion:
quote:Originally posted by Bill Hicks:
"While I appreciate your quaint traditions, superstition, I on the other hand am an evolved being who deals solely with the source of light which exists in all of us in our own minds, no middle man required. There is a living god who will talk directly fucking to you." Whereever ya are bill, you're still beinf admired!

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Posted:i'm a toilet a toilet go figure but i'm also a blue dragon

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Posted:religion and politics. Two things to never debate about
it seems to me that religion is another tool for people to manipulate others. "do this in the name of God or be damned" Quite powerful if you believe in the consequences. It's hard to break a lifelong brainwashing spell, but it can be done. People get off on controlling other people, and if you can't get someone to do something you want, ask in the name of religion and they'll do it on their knees. Flocks of fools. I don't need to tithe to follow the golden rules. No-one can interpret what God says to me better than me. Find your own message, find your own meaning. It is difficult being the odd person out. It's that feeling that religion gets people to bend to. Peer pressure at it's greatest. Just say KNOW!!

Oh yeah, I timed out twice, so I still don't know which enemy I am... oh well.

BTW, I take cash, I take checks, Hell, I'll take yo' momma's dentures if they got gold in 'em! Send me your money!!! NOW or go to hell!!

...forgive me Father, for I used to be Catholic...


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Posted:i think its funney how people avoid religon and politics<too topics i love, and have unusual ideas about>in polite conversation. i know people get heated but thats just because the exchange is intense.

btw i find athiesm to be the most faith bassed religon there is....its hard to beleive in nothing<which can't be experianced> where as almost all religons have some personal experiance<like the holy spirit or being ridden, or states of divine ecstacy>

may you travel far andlive in interesting times.unless you a bhuddist in which case i wish you nothing


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Posted:I'm a heritic just like fireboy and Kali, guess we get to casue havoc together. But in truth I am a celtic wiccan. Or at least I'm studying to be. at least that is what I tell my teacher to keep him off my back for a few weeks.


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Posted:"I have seen the light, someone was shining it into my eyes when i regained consciousness"
I am a nothing - Oh woe is me, my life is over and I will never now be complete.
And I was trying so hard to be a crustation as well, going to chipshop every sunday and reading my bib (which is quite hard coz its upside down)
Honestly, will someone show me the path to the salvation, the clouds, the angels and the harp music. I normally have to do at least 2 trips to get there.......

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Posted:All the good stuff I've missed because I've only been posting for a month and a half.

It said I was an Atheist but they don't give enough options.I regard myself as more of an Anarchist being that even Atheists are part of an organized religion.I like to think for myself.


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Posted:Says I am a heretic, which works since I am Pagan (no, not wiccan) and that is very much akin to heretics in the eyes of many of my christian counterparts.

Whipping Boy was Nothing, and it fits him perfectly! lol

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Posted:What a crappy quiz. It's jokes aren't even funny and it's just makeing the same old angsty "SCREW RELIGION" point that ive heard a hundred times.

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Posted:For a religion so opposed to paganism... they sure stole a lot of our stuff.

It says I'm a heretic and gives a little picture of a Goth, A satanist, and a mormon??
I suppose it's about as correct as it's likely to get.

personally I don't have the time for any religion involving a christ/god figure.. they're only good for one thing. Starting Wars.

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Posted:Apparently, I'm an athiest who wears a black trench coat, carries a pistol, and can make a model of DNA appear sprouting up out of my left palm at will.

-Mike )'(
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In giving love there is an equal grace.
Nor need one seek the aura in the face,
As love unveils the beauty of all things."

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Posted:quote: Originally posted by poiaholic22

PK you are a putz


the mind gap.

the mind gap.

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Posted:it said i'm an athiest, but i agree with cantus - it does seem to have a non-serious tinge to it.
so with that in mind i took it again. now apparently i'm nothing.

well if that's what i get for trying to have a sense of humour about the whole thing i don't think i'll bother in the future

wherever you go, there you are.


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