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Location: Plymouth, Devon
Member Since: 1st Jun 2004
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Posted:Am having a day off work and am thinking I will be extremely bored....................so thought I would ask for any suggestions on what I could do on my day off tomorrow and thought I would see what other people did!!

Crazy, I know!! ubbrollsmile

Loves ya! xxxxxx hug

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shimmy! x

Location: Maryland
Member Since: 1st Jun 2004
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Posted:I was off today and certainly didn't achieve much. I exercised a ton, practiced some poi, and cleeeeaned. Boo at me..

You might want to wait for someone more exciting to post. wink biggrin


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Location: brizvegas
Member Since: 13th Oct 2003
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Posted:hmm...as i'm unemployed right now, i have become a bit of an expert on days off!! hehe! biggrin but i'm bored now and want a job! ubbloco

so here's a few things i do...

* watch bad daytime tv
* practice spinning! weavesmiley
* learn to knit (this is very time consuming!!)
* spend the day on hop! ubblol
* walk along the river (it's the brisbane river - i can walk to new farm from toowong if i really want to waste a whole day!!)
* buy a plant & put it in a kewl pot
* clean the house (useful, but not much fun!)
* make jewellery with glass beads

and that's about all i can think of right now!!! biggrin

enjoy your day off!!! wave

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Location: Stevenage
Member Since: 21st Sep 2003
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Posted:I am employed, but still work my crappy after school hours but I have no more school! So I'm free every day, this is what I do:

I watch tv too much
today I modified my dress for tonight and a new top
I've been designing a banner for my favourite party people
When stuck with a long powercut, I would suggest reading books and messing about with clothes

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Location: lunn dunn, yoo kay
Member Since: 29th Aug 2002
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Posted:have a good, long lie in and then, if you can't already, learn to juggle juggle tongue

i just finished this book which was absolutely brilliant - you could read it in a day i reckon...

or obviously you could do something useful instead wink

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Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Berlin
Member Since: 25th Sep 2002
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Posted:Strange, my Dad, tried to get me to read that last night.
I've been reading this though which is wicked.

Sorry offtopic ubbangel why don't you make something, like a new set of poi, or staff or stilts or learn how to do a handstand / cartwheel. Go for a walk, a swim or a cycle. Try make a stranger laugh. Cook someone a meal :shrugsmiley: biggrin

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Location: Brooklyn, NY
Member Since: 10th Jul 2003
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Posted:Ahhhh ... a day off. I like DeepSoulSheep's idea of making something. Nothing is more satisfying than creating something. Have you ever made your own poi? That is one of the most delightful things to do with my free time. I've also made fire staff and baton - but I love assembling things. Maybe you like to sew -- this is what I wish I had enough time to learn how to do. Also, reading is great. I could give you some recommendations - but you've got a few up there already. Go to the park with a book and some practice poi and smile at strangers.

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Location: Bristol
Member Since: 30th May 2003
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Posted:at any other time i would have said something lovely like meditate all day, but i had my first day off all term today, and basically i slept and washed my boyfriend's underwear. Very forward thinking of me i know.

i also read a bit more of this book, which is sooo huge i think i might never get to the end (which is fine by me, i just want it to keep going and going!)

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Location: Bogged at CG
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Posted:i like to sleep. lots. and lots. and then a bit more.

but, you could go for a bus hopping day, if your town/city has day trip tickets, get one, get on the first bus to anywhere, and just keep going, see where you end up. or, do the same thing, but aim to get somewhere you havent been before. or, go somewhere, but take the really long way around. or, just sleep biggrin

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Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Hastings
Member Since: 2nd Jan 2004
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Posted:My only day off sunday. sat i have work and the reast is stupid school. I catch up on my sleep on saturday afternoon and on sunday i either go out shopping or cinema, or if i have no money (which is usually the case) i toodle off down the skate park. and then sometimes han come around and we do all things circusy smile

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Location: 4341'N 7938'W
Member Since: 23rd Feb 2002
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Posted:Weeell, tomorrow is Canada Day so it IS actually my day off. tongue

I always like doing stuff by myself in the morning (spinning, reading, working out, etc), spending as much time in the sun in the process, and then getting together with friends to chill in the evenings. Perfect day. smile


Member Since: 24th May 2003
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sooooo today is my day off...first i came to HoP,afterwards i m going to exercise and stretch my muscles for better movements with poi...than i going to centrum of den haag to buy some suvenire from holland to my family with friend of mine because i m going to travel home next saturday bounce2

what next?i come back and make food for me...
yes and i read this book...






Member Since: 17th May 2004
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instead i get a call an hour ago telling me im 1 hr late for work and i need to get in now. so 30 mins later and the fastest train ride ive ever managed (you can really shave off the minutes if you know the stations and run down the no entry tunnels) I'm here... hung over , sleepy and annoyed.
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Location: In a test pit, Mackay
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Posted:I've discovered the joys of internet piracy. Watching your download rate is oddly addictive and often better than the film you're trying to get hold of.

9000 bpm. Wooo!

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Location: Bogged at CG
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Posted:d00d, i'd maim someone for a 9k/s connection. try downloading 650 meg at an average of 3-4.

*three days later*

"yaay, i've got 5 megabytes worth now. should only take another 43 millennia"

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