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Posted: just wanted to say thanks. because this web site i learned all the basics, which was the foundation for all the images in my head comming true. without this web site i could have NEVER gotten to where i am today. So thanks to malcom, josh, flashfire (for being so damn sexy), pele ( for giving me someone to argue with), jo derry (for the BTB vids), and anyone else who was on HOP in 2001. appologies for not visiting too much...too many people...too many post'. hope you understand. but as i said i can never thank you enough for the help i got. I believe strongly in learning the basics FIRST before moving onto anyhting a little more technical. if only to get a complete understanding of how Poi works, why it changes directions, and how to manipulate your Poi. much love '01 heads. L8z


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Posted:hear hear. What Myst Said!

clap bounce clap bounce clap

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Posted:best thanks from me too
ive learned so many from this site
thank you all biggrin


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Posted:Myst is back! I still have your phone number from a couple a' years ago!


(Yup, I'm old skool...and I'm still here)

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Yo Myst! Great to hear from you dude! smile

At least tell us what youve been up to? sounds like your still twirling - thats excellent!

You still catch up with Pozee?



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Posted:Ooooo - this makes me old skool biggrin

Hey Myst - hope all's well hug

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Posted:sup friends... hope all's been well. yes josh, pozee and i are basically chained together by the ankle. we perform together all the time, we still learn from eachother and still push eachothers limits. Durbs...old school creator of the picture gallery. lol. ohh and me quit twirling..HA! yeah right. you should see some of the shyt we do. anyway much love. i'll most deff try to periodically check back in.

Its about talent, not make up or costumes.


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Posted:blast from the past!
Good to hear you and pozee are still spinning - you guys had big style going on when I met you a while back so you're probably kicking major ass about now.

Indeed, big up to the old skool crowd! smile


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flash fire

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Posted:hrmmmm... I always secretly wanted to be in the middle of a pozee/myst sandwich.

Did I just say that out loud? whoops! Pardon my indiscretion.

Hello petal. Much love to you ubblove Fantastic to read you again; it's been far too long. Actually, I was just thinking about you the other day... smile

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Posted:Who me? Argue? wink

Nice to see you still kickin' around.
I will be getting to Cali later this year and would love to spread the love in person (well, at least hugs! lol).

Always a pleasure, love. Always a pleasure! wink


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Posted:Old school, what is it?





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