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VixenSILVER Member
Carpal \'Tunnel
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I think the topic name pretty much says it all..... my experience was last year at reading festival.... i saw 2 girls spinning poi randomly and asked them about it... they wrote the HOP website address on my arm..... and then i was hooked! (if your out there let me know who you are, id love to thank you!!!)

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First saw poi in 1998 at Samhuinn Festival in Edinburgh, and got to know the guys doing it and learnt from there, with the help of this little new website about fire stuff that was just starting up - I think it was called Home of Something? wink

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The Phyreflyjourneyman
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well- i was on a beach in santa cruz with a couple of my freinds enjoying our "trip" when I saw two beautiful dancing lights on the end of the beach. My friends & i wondered over to the sight & we say this lovely lady spinning fire poi. I was totally mesmerized by the sound & the sight of this new thing called "fire poi". I spent the entire night wathcing this girl & her friends spinning. The next day i went home & figured out how to make my own poi & the rest is history...

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the*pomBRONZE Member
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my friend lizzie taught me at the beginning then the mags the jedi took over. learning from many in circus society. i wanted to do it because it looked like an incredible rush. and it is!

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GothFrogetteBRONZE Member
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the place where i work held two circus days where they got a company to send a guy called luke to do some work shops for the kids. well the staff are bigger kids including myself and had to have a go at things like balancing peacock feathers on our face and when i saw the Poi.... i wanted one, went out and got one...and i got 3 pea coack feathers too smile

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I was at the Big Chill festival earlier this year and became addicted when I had a go of my friends Poi's. I purchased some of my own and haven't put them down since!! weavesmiley

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Flame BoyGOLD Member
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I was down on the coats of Kenya in the summer of 2003 where there was a guy fire spinning, it struck me as kinda cool so i though id give it a bash. As soon as i got home i got a couple of tennis balls and some string and started experimenting. Searching the net i found this place and the free lessons and got better. 2 months later i got a pair of fire pois for xmas and did some burning and fast got addicted to the circles of light.

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nearly_all_goneSILVER Member
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On the first night of a holiday I saw some pretty lady doing fire at Sennen Cove and was totally entranced. It was just so graceful, and I was trying to work out the way they worked which befuzzled me for many a week...

...then, 2 years later, I came to uni, and about 3 people in my 12 person flat had dome some poi travelling... they taught me the basics on practice poi, although it took me literally 5 months to nail a weave (dammit).

Then my best mate got some wicks, and the rest (my hair, or lack of it) is history biggrin

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tildSILVER Member
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Well for me it was a year ago at glastonbury festival i saw people spinnin and i just had to get me some of them, and now i love it

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Watching a friend learning i decided i wanted to as well

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I LUV FIRE!!newbie
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wellll i only do sum poi coz my main is devil stix but i first started devilstix when i was on a camp and 1 of my friends had a set there.....i had a go and found that i like em and bought my own set then made a fire im hooked ubbrollsmile

but with poi my sista started then showed me sum stuff and i learnt a bit from there weavesmiley

im learning staff (sinlge long and double short) but i have not done em with fire YET!! ubbloco

remeber peace and fire DO mix!! peace devil

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Mistress_MaledictiHeaven doesn't want me, and Hell is afraid I'll take over
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Saw it done at Glasters several times and then found that a few of my friends were interested in spinning too. So we decided to keep practising.


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KatBRONZE Member
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A New Zealand girl called Sarah, she borrowed someones long UV necklace in a club and when we went home lit up poi & staff. Discovered home of poi and still spinning today

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i got inspired at the summer solstice a few years ago, had a spin with a mates wooden staff with some glowsticks taped to the ends!! saw some crazy guy with a diablo who was really good and after that i was hooked!! smile

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vanizeSILVER Member
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like 4.5 years ago (or was it 5.5?) I ran into an ex-girlfriend who basically said (to make a long story short) "come to this event next month, there is something I want to show you". well, the event turned out to be a local burningman gathering, and the first I see of this ex, she is completely nude, painted entirly in gold, and spinning fire. Others I saw perform that night were Brian (my future mentor - not on HoP), Arashi (who i remember burned off a few dreadlocks... hehehehe), Sage, and Barusela (who used to always perform with Sage, and who is arguably just as good a fire performer as Sage, and perhaps better with some toys). The ex-girlfriend spent the rest of the night (till the sun came up) teaching me poi and said she had wanted to teach me since she started learning because she thought I would be good at it. The next morning she told me to check out the tutorials on Home of Poi, which was still in it's infancy then. The rest is the story of a truely addictive personality (addicted to poi, addicted to fire, addicted to HoP,...)


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zarkiaBRONZE Member
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Glastonbury: this year.
I was waiting at the train station for the last train that would take us to the festival + there was a girl (my sister insists it was a guy??) twirling on the platform. i thought it looked amazing + for the whole festival i kept an eye out for stalls selling "those mad twirly things." Eventually i got a pair of tailed poi at the stall + had to ask the girl how to use them. Her answer was "its a lot like skipping".
That evening, back at the camp - i took them out and found that its wasn't at all like skipping + was in-fact a lot harder.
So i've been practicing nearly every day since then + am totally obsessed.

skixgalGOLD Member
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thredbo, australia..last year...went to this huge party and 7 ppl there anded up pulling out staff and lighting up!!!!..i was so amazed!! hehe when i got back to the gong ( home town) i made a staff..was awsome but not quite right...picked up some poi bout a week later..and bam! was hooked:) now got a group of friends who all spin various toys:) and made some awsome new friends:) yayay!

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Written by: ber seal

then I was asked what I could do with POI. confused

I picked up a pair and got all tied up in a right mess. redface

told me I would have to to get better at that.

ubbidea So I went to brixton juggle club that night and asked a girl called Rakiya to show me how to do poi.

it took me 20 mins but in the end I had forwards and backwards weave sorted.


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nothing xtra, one my friend had fire poi, I nearly killed myself with it (not with burning, just bad one to head..) so I came home, took money went to buy chains ans bit of leather ::))

miluju prahu a pr lid v n i mimo n smile


NoddyToe Poking Bad Boy
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my mate dan (TKOF) took me to a poi and staff gathering, loved it been spinning ever since

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DominoSILVER Member
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It was a mix of stuff. About 2 years ago I went on exchange to South Africa. The school I was staying at did Bugsy Malone (however you spell it) as a play and a friend I made out there do some as part of the talent show bit. I asked him what it was and he said he did it with fire as well.

About 6 or so months ago various thoughts were going through my mind.

"I need a hobby"
"I need a way of getting some exercise"
"Some kudos would be nice"
"I'd like to be able to do something unusual"
--- and to be honest, I wanted something that wouldn't be expected of me

Poi dropped into my mind so I checked it out and found this place. I tied a couple of socks with string and made a really aweful pair of poi, stood in the garden and hit myself in the head for ten minutes. Happily I was laughing when I hit myself rather than chucking the socks into the trees. Two weeks later I was still spinning them round and I started thinking, "Hey, there might be something in this."

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cool story... understood to, hmm, 1/3? smile

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DominoSILVER Member
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Ah well, at least some it makes sence outside my own mind

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triple wordscoremember
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The first time I picked up a set of poi was at Reading Fest 02. I was camping with UCOF and Chris and asked them to show me some moves. From that day on I was hooked! biggrin
So a great big hug kiss and thankx to you both!!!

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I learned in New Zealand many (oh heck - about 35) years ago from some Maori friends when Iwas a kid. I haven't swung poi for years, then I came across someone swinging fire at a kite festival earlier this year, got chatting, and discovered that like riding a bicycle, you don't lose the knack.

Pat in Somerset, England

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last year i was at a dance festival in Laura and there were a bunch if fire twirlers, i was immediately facsinated. I had seen it before, but these guys had such passion and love for it. I wanted to feel strongly about something. I feel special when i do it because its something i love to do. I wouldnt give it up for nething!

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i blame ucof and sunbeam

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One of my house mates made some poi and i started waving them about a bit in the beer garden at uni... after getting a couple of bruises, i was damned if was going to let these things beat me up like that in public, then didn't put them down for six months.

Of course, they still beat me up in public now, but i've got used to it. At least they don't set me on fire...


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I orginally met Fireart and was going to do stff but i decided not to because i just ended up as a bruised mess. In poi i ended up in a tangled mess so i chose that over being bruised 24/7.

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ilsanyamanic over a fence
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a friend showd me at a scout camp. i loved it then promptly forgot about it. then at last years state ventue i saw a girl doing glow poi and was gobsmacked wow i made myself a set of tennis ball poi, then a set of fire poi and went from there
i am also learning long staff and double short staff, but haven't gotten v good yet biggrin

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