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misshappypantsBRONZE Member
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Location: San Diego,California, USA

I made sock poi with tennis balls... and the socks have "heels' does this throw off the direction at all>? Also, I added change to the tennis balls for extra weight which feels Great... but now I feel like they smash into eachother way more.... than when I used them before i added the weight.... (I added 20 pennies in each tennis ball)....

WHY WOULD THEY NOT BE SPINNING EVENLY ANYMORE? When I am not doing anything differntly?? WOuld the weight or the heels in the socks make a difference?

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-jesse--jesse-BRONZE Member
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Location: Seattle, WA, USA

More bounce perhaps? The extra weight would stetch the socks out a bit more than you're used to on the downswing.

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DuncDuncGOLD Member
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It's probably because your planes are tighter now with extra weight but you're not yet. You'll get used to it in no time. Maybe try tuning the weight till it works ok and still has the extra momentum.

and like jesse said they could be stretching out more. All socks need time to stretch out until they pretty much stop stretching anymore, if they're new socks then it'll take a good few weeks till they're settled. smile

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MikeIconMikeIconGOLD Member
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Could also just be the new weight is a bit heavy for you and it kind of pulls your hands/arms more than youre used to. Youll adapt pretty quickly Im sure.

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