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Posted:Anyone know where I can buy quality leather double loop handles for my poi?

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Posted:I read about this in a post here a couple weeks ago. You should use the search button!! But anyway, the best advice I read on it was buy second hand leather trousers from a charity or thrift shop and cut them to suit your needs! smile

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Posted:A couple of things:

1 - Try doing a search, it should be the first thing when you have a question.
2 - I'm moving this to technical discussion as it's better off there
3 - If you're asking where you can get something it'd be helpful to know where you are yourself.

The Home of Poi shop only has nylon handles, so maybe try fire-gear as Adam makes really god stuff.

If you want to make your own fabric & leather shops usually sell cheap off cuts that are enough to make a few handles out of.


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Posted:Also, you could make them. Very very easy. PM me if you need instructions.


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Posted:I would like to second Dom's recomendation on Fire Gear. I have a set of handles that Adam Rice made for me and they're very nice. I'm actually going to buy another set from him in the not too distant future.

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