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for Fire breathing It is true that you can do a fire balling with vegetable oil?
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Im not quite sure about vegetable oil but I know white flower works.

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I think it's vegetable oil and a high proof alcohol like everclear or bacardi 151. When we tried it it tasted terrible and the fireball crackeled. It was descent sized too, I'd say between a lamp oil and a straight alcohol fireball. I'm not sure pure veg. oil will work.

You can use dry coffee creamer and cinnamon powder too. smile

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Dry stuff is explosive and is bad for many reasons...
1. Clogs the mouth
2. Makes a mess
3. Suffers from blowbacks easier
4. Is prone to land in sticky flamy piles.

If you are going to use dry materials (and there are plenty) do not put them in your mouth, put them in a small mouthed pastic container that you can "squirt" a mist of it through a flame.

Lycopodium (flash) powder is made for this.

Now, Vegetable oil, Olive oil, Biodiesel all work with **extreme** difficulty actually. They are hard to ignite because they require such an extreme amount of heat to ignite and they do not aspirate well. They only work a small percentage of the time.

Also, they make a slippery, horrible mess which is quite dangerous when you walk around.

Now, onto the statement about alcohol. It should *NEVER* be used. It should not be cut with anything (and it does not mix anyway, it is a seperation type thing so it makes it harder to use).
The flashpoint of alcohol is extremely low which means the fumes are explosive and so the likelihood of a flame following the fume back to your mouth is high. The use of alcohol around fire play is stupid and in most places against the law...and because of absorbtion through the membranes in the mouth, you will get drunk.

Not to mention that the flame is not as bright or strong with alcohol.

What fuel you decide on is really up to what you want to fire breathe for. For kicks in the backyard (while I recommend against doing it at all for this purpose) then try one of the kitchen oils. You have a much less likely chance of igniting it, and therefore if you do it will be more exciting and you won't get ill.

If you are performing...pure Lamp Oil/Paraffin. It a garuntee if you know how to aspirate properly.

Remember to practice with water, frequently.

You can also use the search and look up "Fire Breathing Fuels". There are tonnes of threads on the topic already.

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I think I love you. I went searching for fuels today for spinning and I have yet to find one. I keep looking for a label that says lamp oil, colmen fuel or paraffin and I have yet to find it.. I looked at the ingredients and that didn't help either..
for fire trails on the body you suggested rubbing alcohol I used it however when I tested on the palm of My hand I couldn't figure out how to Make a successful transfer. In other words I never got a small flame in MY hand or even to make a trail...

excuse the spelling mistakes

Real happiness is when you marry a guy for love and find out later he has money.
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