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_Poiboy__Poiboy_PLATINUM Member
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where can I find any good ones (with both advanced and begginer moves).
Bender's site has moves which are too advanced for me....

Klaymen180 posts
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None that I know of mate. I'm self taught, its actually not that hard if you just start from the basics. Do 2 beat then 3 beat fig8s on both sides of your body and build from there, spinning your body around to thus invert the direction the staffs spin, and just try inventing moves.

Anyway, in short sorry I don't know of any. Oh also, just check out the Knox videos and that Eiffel Strobe video for more advanced moves, although it is likely you will just find it a combination of intimidating and inspiring (which is what happened to me).

- Klaymen

Bender_the_OffenderBender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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ima make animations soon of 'foundation' movements for doubles. i prefer that term cus double-figure of 8 ain't 'basic'

thank you sooo much woody and xaeda

youse have taught me so march when i needed to learn fire.


my site is now at!!
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