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Posted:is it just me or have these completely dissapeared from the shop?

i'm sure there used to be glow beanbags that changed colour. confused

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Posted:I heard somewhere that they were doing new improved ones. Can't remember where though. Could have been a thread from here confused. I bought a couple and they are really good considering how cheap they were

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Posted:I bought a couple of them and went to get some more in about February I think. They weren't there so I mailed Malc and got the reply along the lines of

"Be back in stock with better ones in about 6 weeks"

so don't hold your breath! Although they must have plans to bring them back sometime. You can get them other places on the internet but I must give big props to HoP cuz I've never seen them anywhere else that were as cheap. There's lots of alternatives to just the rainbow out there too that don't change colour. I recomend samballs for good solid colour and they're wrapped in latex instead of material so give a very nice glow indeed but I think they only come in red. Do a google search and you'll find something good

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