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mattpoimattpoiBRONZE Member
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Location: davis, CA, USA

When i soak up to spin my poi are heavier.

I was wondering if i could soak em in water to get used to the weight in pratice rather than on fire.

Do you think the water would stay in too long, not leaving any room for the fuel on the next fuel soak? Could the water damage my poi by sitting around in the core? Has anyone tried this?

thanks smile

thorthorFlaming Lesbian
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Location: Portland, Oregon

items you need:
2 tennis balls
2 eye bolts long enough to go through said tennis balls
4 stainless steel washers
2 nuts for the eye bolts
1 box of BBs

assembly instructions:
figure it out ;]

end result:
weight adjustable practice poi that can save your kevlar poi from abuse and degredation

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DurbsDurbsBRONZE Member
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Or, in answer to your question - It's not a great idea...

Whilst they probably wouldn't be physically damaged by the water (they may go a bit rusty) - they will become VERY hard to light, regardless of how long you soak them in fuel for.

Water and paraffin don't mix at all well, in fact I think they repel each other (?) so it becomes very hard to get a good soak on them, and the water signifcantly reduces the flash point of the fuel.

So, basically - no smile

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mcpmcpPLATINUM Member
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what you really want to do is soak your poi in fuel, then weight them on the scales you brought with you from home. Then burn them and weight them at the end. Gradually over the burn they will have got lighter as the fuel burned off. You can then decide the weight for your practise poi. (I would go with the just soaked weight) And remember, the drag from the fire will always make on-fire poi feel different to practise poi.

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MikeGinnyMikeGinnyGOLD Member
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My poi got left out and got sprinkled by a sprinkler once. They never did dry out. They got mildewy. So...yeah, not a terrific idea.


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GnorGnorBRONZE Member
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One guy I met undoes his kevlar and washes it out in soapy water before each flight. It hasnt damaged the kevlar or the burn I dont think.

My ball chains had some surface rust after they got rained on. That wasnt nice.

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mattpoimattpoiBRONZE Member
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Location: davis, CA, USA

i suppose i'll bike down to the hardware store and pick up some supplies

thanks for the words of caution/experience!

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