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Location: NYC

Okay, i've read endless threads and still not found an answer. Any suggestions on how to reduce the stink of kerosene? Like, dunk my heads in milk immediately after a burn, or spray 'em with CK1, or whatever magical solutions you've come up with.

Yes, i already know that there are other fuels that are cleaner. That's not my question. Assuming that i am limited to dirty dirty low grade kerosene and am living in a small and poorly ventilated place, what do i do for storage to keep from being high 18hrs a day? I have airtight containers, but are there further measures?

I and my roomates thank you!

MikeIconMikeIconGOLD Member
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Location: Philadelphia, PA - USA

Air tight containers inside more air tight containers? Dont think there are any methods for really getting rid of the smell and fumes. Keep them outside maybe?

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ValuraValuraSILVER Member
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I dont think there is a way of getting rid of the smell... ask anyone who has been in our car!! eek
I get asked if Im wearing a "odour de kero" perfume all the time!

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margitamargitaSILVER Member
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unfortunately, i think you get what you pay for with kero. cheap and smelly!! and very hot!! wink

i haven't used kero in a while, but i think the smell is forever burnt into my nose! ubbtickled i never found a way to get rid of it!!! which is why i bit the bullet and used a different (more expensive) fuel.

funny story with kero tho - was staying at my folks once. went twirling with some friends, then went home after my folks were in bed. doing the right thing i put my poi and kero outside...only i put them too close to a window or something, and the smell actually woke my mum up!!! hahaha! i thought it was funny - she didn't! spank

sorry couldn't be more helpful! ubbrollsmile

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mattpoimattpoiBRONZE Member
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Location: davis, CA, USA

maybe this will help? hope its not too common-sense

I always put my poi in a plastic bag or my sealed dunking thermos (w/o the fuel, of course) after a spin to transport home. Then I open up the bag outside and spin them for a bit... This seems to accelerate the de-smelling process.

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dunno why you'd want to get rid of that lovely odour. its just sooo fragrant.

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mechmechBRONZE Member
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oon a slight tangent, i saw a loverly guy last year in a poi in the park in ritherham, have the most wonderful vial of parafin additive, it made it smell of cherrys!

who was this was astrofaries b/f, maybe you could get incontact with her and ask her to ask him what it was so you could try to find some, he was working in a hardware shop at the time, so you may find some there?

Step (el-nombrie)

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Location: NYC

Okay, thank you bundles. Though it looks like there is not much hope. I will experiement, and let you know if something miraculous happens.

Kapura MataaroKapura MataaroHoP resident longboarder.
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Location: Tasmania, Australia

cherries? thats... very interesting; i will have to ask her, that sounds very good actually, my friends would love car wouldn't smell SO bad... ubbrollsmile

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CharlesCharlesBRONZE Member
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Don't forget to the untrained nose it will smell of cherries AND kero.

It's onyl to firies like us who seem to notice more cherry than long carbon chains... wink

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Bender_the_OffenderBender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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the surest way to avoid kero odour is to avoid kero smile

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GnorGnorBRONZE Member
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I still enjoy the smell of my burnt poi hanging on the verandah. My car smells of kero and I dont mind that either.

ubbrollsmile ubbrollsmile

Its only when people out of the fam get in the car and comment that I even think about it.

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Tao StarTao StarPooh-Bah
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Keep them outside maybe?

only if you want someone to come and burn your house down. devil

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