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fake teeth and glue

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Posted:ok i have some fire clubs and i also have a staff, the wick on the staff is about twice the size of the clubs wick yet the clubs have a bigger flame even when the staff is not moving

does anyone know why this is, or how i can get brighter flames?

you just lost the game!!!!!! !!!!!

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Posted:That sounds really strange to me. Are both the clubs and staff equally as used? Brand new and really old wicks arent as good as a semi-new wick. Are they both made the same way? Flame size is usually relative to wick surface area (ie - cube wicks will burn bigger than rounded wicks). What fuel are you using and are you using the same on both?

You can get bigger/brighter flames using white gas or coleman fuel (as opposed to kerosene or paraffin) but they burn out quicker.

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