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TamimSILVER Member
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Location: California, USA

Hello everyone, I have a pair of beaming poi, aswell as a pair of SS ball bearing chains from HOP with the Single loop handles.

Now my problem is, when I attach the Beaming Poi to the chain, it just doesn't work well, the grip just hurts, as if it can't support the weight of the poi, and it just feels like I don't have enough support. If I continue trying to use the chains with my beaming poi I end up cutting my hand up and getting blisters pretty bad.

What should I use for the handles??

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AdeSILVER Member
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with my beamers I use chain (not ball chain) and have made my own 'handles'. It's pretty easy to make some that suit your needs. It may have even been discussed before - you could do a search on making handles or something. I know in the past we've discussed leather handles, webbing type hanldes, putting sheep wool between leather and the handles...... smile

MikeIconMikeIconGOLD Member
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I got the double loop handles with my set. They seem to be PERFECT for the beamers. Maybe thats all you need. If that doesnt help, they might just be too heavy for you and ya gotta work yer way up.

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DentrassiDentrassiGOLD Member
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it may just be part of the process of toughening your hands up. as you spin more, you gradually callous up. now i rarely ever get blisters despite spinning for a few hours.


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TheBovrilMonkeyTheBovrilMonkeySILVER Member
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How are you holding the handles?

There's a couple of different ways to hold single loops handles and I find that some are less comfortable than others (which is why I use double loops smile )

On a completely unrelated topic, one that I'm not keen on bringing up, do you have a picture that you could use as an avatar that's not so large?

While it's pretty cool, at 126k, the animated star wars kid one you've got at the moment isn't really dial-up friendly.

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DuncDuncGOLD Member
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I thought we were limited to 10kb or something for our avater?

and way off topic....


I just had my broadband upgraded from 1meg to 1.5 meg for free!! How ACE is that!


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TamimSILVER Member
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Location: California, USA

Is that better??? ( my avatar )

I hold them the way home of poi shows in the beginner lessons, the regular ummm.... way.

I think the handles are just too thin, while I'm using them they will also kind of roll up on each other, the ones I have on my comet poi are alot nicer ><

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