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Location: Central coast / Sydney, Austra...
Member Since: 11th Apr 2002
Total posts: 339
Posted:who has HoP as their Internet Browser home page???
I do...
Jephyre does
Anyone else?

Fire... A bushmans telly

Location: The Birthplace of BlackSabbath
Member Since: 11th Apr 2002
Total posts: 259
Posted:I do not. I probably should as I spend so much time here, But my internet routine is Google, check email, then Home Of Poi.

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Location: Austria
Member Since: 16th Apr 2002
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Posted:i do on opera:)
for some od reason the hop page and explorer used to crash my computer.....since i use opera it's been running fine:)

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Location: Houston, Texas
Member Since: 13th Mar 2001
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Posted:i doos.

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- Mark Twain

back from the dead...sort of
Location: 4341'N 7938'W
Member Since: 23rd Feb 2002
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Posted:me toos.

master sodium
Location: carson city, nevada
Member Since: 13th Apr 2002
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Posted:I would but this isn't my computer

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Kinudin (Soul Fyre)
Location: San Diego, California, USA
Member Since: 21st Dec 2001
Total posts: 1325
Posted:Yup yup! I kinda got tired of typing www.homeofpoi.com about 20 to 30 times a day

Location: Melbourne Australia
Member Since: 20th Jul 2001
Total posts: 214
Posted:Yup I do

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but my turntables not compatible.

Location: Wageningen
Member Since: 22nd Feb 2002
Total posts: 28
Posted:I would if i didn't have my own home page! Does that count?

Though when i'm at uni, it is the first page that i look at. Coincidently, it also is the easiest to waste time on.

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Location: Central coast / Sydney, Austra...
Member Since: 11th Apr 2002
Total posts: 339
Posted:okies, so im not the only one... people find it weird sometimes when they come over and see it on my pc. Theyre like "mate, youre obsessed!"

Fire... A bushmans telly

Location: leicester, england
Member Since: 24th Sep 2001
Total posts: 167
Posted:hmmm... dont have it as my homepage, but it is the most visited site from my computer (any snide remarks from mr fish-fetish and there will be trouble!)
I do have a load of poi-vids as my screen saver tho'... does that count as obsessive?!...

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Member Since: 3rd May 2002
Total posts: 9
Posted:It's mine.

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Location: Brisbane QLD Australia
Member Since: 29th Nov 2001
Total posts: 121
Posted:I got HOP on my qick links bar in my browser

Simply an excuse to play with fire.

cutie poi girlie
Location: porthtowan, truro, cornwall
Member Since: 14th Sep 2001
Total posts: 237
Posted:yep i also have a HOP quick link!!

Luv peace 'n' chicken grease Al X x

Location: Deserted Shed
Member Since: 7th May 2002
Total posts: 14
Posted:Got the quick link, but i admit, i'm a little more vain. Got my bands website as the opener.

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