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Location: Reading, UK

Hey, just out of curiosity, How many of you have a friend or a relative that you can do your Poi with.If you do then do you think that you learn quicker and more moves than you would on your own.I work on my own unless I go to groups which is very rare. What do any of you do?[This message has been edited by Fire_Sista (edited 02 August 2001).]

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I am currently teaching a friend. He can do a 2 beat weave now! ...sort of!Not very helpful though. But he says I look cool
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Heyworking with others is great but i work alone most of the time so i don't know what to tell yapeace , love and fireAcid

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getting agroup of people together to spin is awesome. You learn from each other and you generate ideas better because you actually get to see what it look like. But of course you need your time to yourself to tweak, but spinning with others will only help, nothurt.Super'------------------"When a Man Lies He Murders Some Part of the World These Are the PaleDeaths Which Men Miscall Their Lives All this I Cannot Bear to Witness Any Longer Cannot the Kingdom of Salvation Take Me Home"

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During the not so busy months of the year I was able to get together once a month for three months with Peregrine, Nomad, Xaestrel, Galaxie and more recently Mr.Mo_NYC. It was fantastic. Not only did we have fun and develop friendships but I think we learned alot from each other. Our style, moves, techiniques are all so different we couldn't help but learn and share and grow. It has been really great watching Galaxie light up her first few times and really come a long way in her twirling (the excitement she got every time she learned something new was completely infectious). I really loved watching Peregrine embark on her trailing career
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. It was amazing to glowstick for the first time with Nomad in the pitch balck of New Hampshire and work on breathing skills with Xaestrel. Seeing the elation of Mr. Mo do his first burn. All of that is irreplacable. Unfortunately summer months have rendered it hard for us to get together lately but I am hoping (hint, hint
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) those of us left here on the East Side will be able to regroup and share again soon.On the flip side, except for those monthly meetings I am a solitary learner. I definately think it is a boone though. I get to meet with these people once in a awhile, pick up the basics of a move, take it home and practice without any outside influence which then makes that move fit into my style...making it mine own, you know? I like the group dynamic for sharing, learning and Doug from Flambe and I pulled off some interesting doubles moves once, but I like the aloneness to really practice and brand things with my own style.That would be my .02
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Alone or together I hope you have fun
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Again, I can't seem to get away from people spinning fire! I love it! I walked out of class tonight and on my 1 block walk home I see these two girls spinning fire on my block. I, of course, RAN up my stairs, grabbed my poi, and spun with them.I feel for those of you in isolation. NYC seems to be a hotbed for spinning right now. We've even got cliques within cliques. It's a great place to be a newbie.There was this one snotty girl from upstate who kinda bugged but, luckily, I lost touch with her.
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PK is a god.. i love the Peeekster.

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Location: new zealand

yep the poi are fantastic! in new zealand i use a poi toa, which is a workout type poi- quite large with a long rope upto 6/7 mtrs (20 ft) long and a heavy head.we do all kinds of 'wrap'(no not the music), its our term and alot of others around this big beautiful twirling world for the moves.Found a good way to learn is to pair up and create some type of competition e.g. do a 2minute 'wrap' where you have to do x no. of moves= say 2 snake bites, 8 body wraps and 2 variables on the rope length. hey this is awesomely exciting stuff aye!

If none of my friends are around I take advantage of the meet others directory and talking to people on the board. So far I've met 5 people. 2 from here in San Diego and then Josh, Katinca, and Jus Aname. My advice is to take advantage of your resources and get together with people. It's great unexplainable fun
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Love always,Spanky

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