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the henna lady
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Posted:Recently in Rochester, NY USA a man was arrested for raping a 14 year old girl. Now it is coming into light it wasn't just one, but several women of several ages have been somehow traumatized by this man. He met them all online. In a local chat forum. Where he pretended to be someone he was not. He wooed them, charmed them, stalked them and convinced them they should meet him. It is a really very scary thing to have so close to home, not only geographically but I have two 14 year old nieces who love to be online. It is terrifying to think of. (and yes, I know, the thought "where the hell are these girls parents?" crossed my mind as well)

We are blessed. I have travelled and met some of the most incredible people through this board. A year ago last month I travelled hours to Vermont to meet up with some of the most dynamic, charismatic, talented, amazing people I have ever been blessed to know. And in this all, Katya (where ever you are, we still adore you!) opened her home to a group of strangers for an entire weekend, and everything was beautiful.

I then travelled to the remote regions of New Hampshire to camp miles away from anyone with people I only really knew online. And yes, psycho killer thoughts crossed my mind, but I went anyway and had a magical weekend that will forever be with me.

Then I went to NYC and hung out all weekend with people I didn't know, slept on the couches of people I just met and again, was moved beyond emotion.
This mode of conversation, this forum, in all it's anonymity really could lend itself to such horrible acts, but it doesn't (unless Nomad is now plotting against me because I still haven't mailed him the packet! ).
Everyone I have met has been beautiful and full of vibrance and passion and love and repsect, and I am very thankful and feel blessed to be such a part of a communtiy of people.

And besides...I just love to be so trusted, it lets me carry out my psychotic tendencies and no-one will ever guess that it was me MWahahahaha...oops, wait! I wasn't supposed to say that was I?

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Yes... on one hand you have to be careful... But on the other, If you don't talk to strangers, you never make any friends

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Posted:but...wait....I thought we were psycho?

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Posted:I don't think I'm a pyscho but my sock pupperts tell me other wise...


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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Ya crazy looney! (but you make me laugh)

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Posted:I only sleep with chicks I meet on line. It's a rule.

Actually, I get a bit frustrated when people are amazed that people are people wherever they are. Since "on line" is becoming a larger population there will be more rapists, teachers, doctors, ravers, car thieves, accountants, druggies, short people, pediphiles, actors, exterminators... etc!

There are good people and bad people everywhere. Period.

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Posted:Of course there are good people and bad people every where. However the scary thing is that its so much easier to misrepresent yourself online. You could be talking to a paedophile in jail for all we know.

Reading back everything you write before you post allows you to edit it. Totaly impossible for most people to edit speach as they talk. (hmm did that make sense )

I'm very wary of meeting anyone online. When I was 18 someone got hold of all my details via the web (still unsure where from) Anyway he found my address and my phone number. To cut a long story short he stalked me for a couple of months before the cops found out who he was etc..

Its a scary world out there online and off line so be careful!

hehe Slerph's rambling advice for the day!

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Posted:NYC, that is really intruiging, as i have a growing number of mates who say that. ok 2. but the point is, it's inneresting to see where society is going. If ur interesting in a fantastical look at what possible impact on reality an online society may one day become, I suggest you watch "Serial Experiment: Lain" an 11 part anime series. brilliant material but confusing sometimes - bordering on Lynch.

All it takes is a search for local community that is cosy enuff to make 'offline meets' viable. for me it's twirling and bushdoof.

more friends! more friends i say!!

having said that, seeya all, my pretties @ the 2003 Gathering!!

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Posted:I'd say its really unfortunate but these days you just have to have your wits about you and trust your intuition. Those people know how to spot a victim and the best thing anyone can do is to not let them think you are a victim. Its something you have to communicate through body language, attitude, and eye contact mainly. Unfortunately, younger kids haven't figured all this out yet and their naivete makes them desirable and east targets.

I work with ex-convicts, homeless people, and all manner of weird people all night and don't feel at all like I'm in danger. At the same time, I used to feel unsafe walking to the bus stop in broad daylight because of all the weird people that would drive by and harass me. I guess we're just scared of all the things we can't see or don't expect. Just don't think your invincible and don't ever avoid taking whatever precautions you feel necessary because you're afraid of not sounding cool. It took too many late night backseat battles for me to figure that one out.

As far as this site are concerned, I think the fact that most people here not only have, but also know how to handle fire related weaponry is a great deterrant to most internet predators.

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Posted:Well, we hope so, anyway!


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Posted:Hey Pele, I have to agree with you on that. Aside from the Vermont, New Hampshire and NYC trips which were wonderful, I have met great people from the fire tribe in Seattle after just shooting them an email. They all turned out nice, talented, frienly, and non-psycho.

This past weekend, I was in NYC with ANTHELION for a Burning Man northeast fire gathering. 32 fire performers showed their skills to a delighted Crimson Rose (the lady in charge of all fire arts at BM) and the vibe was great. Plus, the local group 1337 really rocks.