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  Posted: Hey All:

So, here's more of an exercise...
More Zen/Tai Chi, than Mad Max Flame Throwing...

We're gonna talk about phasing the count:
A standard butterfly at regular time has the Poi passing at 12:00(N) and 6:00(S); the Poi in a split time butterfly pass at 3:00(E) and 9:00(W). Crack the 1/4 time and you have passes at either NE-and-SW or SE-and-NW. The fractions of time, and locations of the Poi pass, are limitless.

By fluidly phasing the time, you can slowly rotate the point of the pass from High Noon to a Horizontal Split-Time Butterfly. Switch up your grip ( a bit of a Needle Hop) at the HighNoon cycle and you can phase through the other way.

With a bit of mastery you can get a smooth 360 rotation of the passing points in your butterfly.

And thus: the Butterflicycle Wheel
(and confirmaion that bhodi is loco! )

Anyone else out there mad enough to have tried this?


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  Posted:i'm not down with this lingo
but i can see what you are doing.
i can do the 360 degree turn but cant get them to do the same thing at the other side.

even 570 ,...

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All this Poi lingo, and this Canadian accent, too, eh...

Just to clarify (maybe), I'm not moving, turning, etc.

My feet are planted as I spin the Poi.

[The plane where I spin remains in front of my body.]

The point where the Poi pass in the arc of the butterfly moves as I phase the timing of my spinning.

( I^I to \^\ to <= to /v/ to IvI to \v\ to => to /^/ to I^I )

It's kinda like the phasing of car wheels in a movie, where they seem to be spinning backwards while the car is moving forwards...

I think I just made this way more confusing than it ever needed to be...

but thats the nature of the beast...trying to write a descritption of these moves...


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  Posted:I'm sure someone (!) posted clock time a few months back.
Then "turning the time" got posted i think by poibox a few weeks later.
now the butterflicycle wheel

search on them for discussion

Good description though


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  Posted:The first post makes sense to me, good practice idea...thanks! ubbrollsmile

Let's relight this forum ubblove


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  Posted:yeah, that sounds wicked

and full marks for clearness of post - that was incredibly well explained.

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strong-bad pop up book,
it was the book of my dreams.


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