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Posted:First I'd like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!! To all the twirlers that came to my party last weekend.

I know it was a little over-crowded at some points, but I still had a fabulous time and it was soo sooo good to have more of you over to my home!

Also, This PyroptiX or whatever his name is that I invited. This guy is just AMAZING with the double staffs!! I've never seen anything like him before!! He obviously has had some practice

regardless, he's taken my interest in doubles to a new level, and WOW, just WOW!!

He's also rekindled my interest in Melbourne, cause I loooooove outdoor parties.

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Posted:Thanks for hosting an excellent party! Lovely, lovely group of people!

And indeed some great spinning!


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Posted:Fiery Flow, hello good day, and, was I at ya party, i believe i have hazy recolections of something like "oh yeah i've changed my name on the hop!" If ya have then its all jolly good and fine.

If i dont know you, then why wasn't i invited? I'm quite a nice man, not too many strange habbits, well, since i gave up the monkey cooking.....

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