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Sorry if this has been asked before, Im not even sure what it's called so my search wasnt that effective. I recently saw a twirler with a staff who lit one end manually, then licked it so his tongue was on fire and lit the other end. Just wondering what kind of fuel he would be using - I assume its something that is less combustable? Is there a term for this kind of stuff?


PS Has anyone used those Flaming Hacky Sacs?! Wow, Im gonna get me one of them!

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If you want to set yourself on fire with shellite, mixtures of butane dissolved under pressure in cold shellite, liter fluid, etc, Remember to have an assistant lid (except butane solutions, loosen or refrigerate very soon after or they build up pressure) and remove your fuel before you light up yourself and only dip the very extremities of your body so you can move them fast enough to flick yourself out. The fuel evaporates at a safe temperature, the problem is that some part dryes out while the rest of your hand is still alight. This means you WILL get burned on the dry parts if you cant flick yourself out. Kero will be hot enough to burn you if it is pre heated enough to light at its surface, or else you burn your skin long before cold kero will ever light if you want to try holding a lighter under your arm.

Be warned that if a fuel is cool enough to light yourself with it is VERY HARD TO JUST FLICK YOURSELF OUT and a fire blanket is recomenderd. Mixtures of butane and shellite also rupture bottles once they are at room temperature so must be made in open containers with precooled ingredients and kept cool at all times, and I no longer play with these as they can emit tremendous amounts of flame once the butane boils out apon ignition. For this reason do not pick up your tin of burning shellite or butain/shellite mixture and attempt to pour fire onto the ground or throw a fireball into the air or you will risk being engulfed in flames. Propane boils above about -26C and in practice is colder due to evaporation. Dipping your hand in boiling BBQ gas results in frostbite and the release of vast amounts of propane gas. Light this and you get a massive blue flash fire, put your hand into pre ignighted liquid butain or propane and you are engulfed in a large ball of fire and will be seriously hurt without the protection of an airtight fireproof suit. DONT use propane at all, and only use butane to about 10% and only if it is disolved in shellite or similar. Nowdays I no longer do any of the things discribed here because they are quite dangerous, even when done by experienced and safey conscious pyromaniacs like myself. Personally I try to keep all fuels off my skin and never put any fuels into my mouth, and that includes onto my toungue.

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Hello all

I don't know if this has been discussed anywhere else yet, but I heard an interesting theory about stopping paraffin from being absorbed by your mouth.

I saw a guy at the circus breathing fire and he blew me away, so I went to him afterwards to chat bout his techniques and safety measures inside a tent. After inquiring bout the fuel he used he told me that he rinsed his mouth out with olive oil before he performed and it stopped the taste and the paraffin was not absorbed by his mouth thus reducing the negative short and long term effects.

Is this wishful thinking or does it actually help?


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I've never heard about paraffin being absorbed by your mouth before but I think it might be a possibility afterall nicotine is absorbed in that way. Personally I'm more worried about ingestion and inhalation as they can be very nasty [/understatement].

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