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i get the idea, but i dnt kno what position your hands should be in to start the move. my poi keep tangling round each other and i am soooo tempted to cut their tails off.....


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firstly: never eat a live octopus before attempting to "chase the sun"

secondly: try with only one poi first.

thirdly: try using the other hand only

fithly: this shoudl be forthly really

second fifthly: you need to do the same number of beats (rotation) of each poi, on either side of your head. I.e. If you do 2 rotations on one side, you have to do 2 on the other side. If you do different numbers, the poi will always tangle, unless you are using Dom's Stringless Poi.

Sixthly: Practice.

Does that help?

Hang on.. you said hands... erm..

have you seen the animation here

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cutting the tails off?

not a bad idea... i find tails really horrible to use.

but i suppose they do look pretty.

try this instead: if you're tangling up, it might mean you're not moving your hands in sync enough. A steady rhythm might help, are you listening to music when you practice?

you could also try doing the move holding both ends of a shortish stick (or wooden spoon or whatever) in your hands to get used to moving them at the same speed, and keeping the distance between them constant - which should help smile

oh and i'd suggest starting with your hands in front of you, sway the poi to one side, then as they swing back swoosh them up and behind your head.

if all goes well then they won't tangle and/or hit you in the face

ooh and its easier to learn to do it both ways (clockwise and anti-clockwise) than to learn one way and much later re-learn how to do it the other way.

edit - doh. late help. ah never mind...
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dammit! I knew i shouldn't have had that octopuss....

that does help...i tink it was the beats i was doing wrong..i was trying to get the hang of swinging them infront of me first without going into the second bit...thats not possible is it?
the video dint help...i cant make out her hands properly, but ta n e way smile

cheers m8


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Which second bit?

My second or the Monkies (as Get Thee Behind Me Satan starts playing)?

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i found this hard to start with but i think i jus sunk into it after i learnt to move the poi around my body (cant remeber what its called)

i practised alot with this one i found it was mainly in the wrist positions. You need to do it without poi aswell at some point to get the hand motion right. I find that always helps.

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