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Forums > Beginner Poi Moves > any new moves i can learn, but need to be fairly simple! cuz i am!

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Posted:hey there again, can now do the weave,butterfly,over head butterfly,over head cork screw,1 handed cork screw,chasing the sun and over head weave. can anyone suggest a new move i could try? needs to be fairly simple though. my friend is teaching me the butterfly where you keep moving one hand infront the other but so far it's been carnage!

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br>i'd start here, maybe go down the list

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Posted:Reverse weave! Cause that opens LOADS of doors, especially when you link it with a normal forwards weave. Learn that, and you'll have fountains fairly soon afterwards... biggrin

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Posted:Reels. Really good to learn cos they're so versatile. Learn some reel combinations and you can put them in with anything to make it look really good (REELy - no, now I look at it it's not actually that funny).

Also reverse weave, as Sambo_Flux said

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Posted:I'll ditto Sambo_Flux as well. Frankly you can take all those moves you know and learn them backwards. Also changing the planes of the movements-- Corkscrew done standing up is Windmill, for example. Mexican Butterfly becomes Corkscrew if you bend over.




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Posted:I agree-Reverse weave is the next thing to learn because you can get so many new tricks or ways to get in to them hug

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Posted:backwards weave me i just learned by trying to turn around a painfull way to do it but it just clicks one day and i'd learned two things a backwards weave and from front to back weavesmiley
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Posted:Wibbling is a really easy move you just let go of the poi and catch it again looks amazing during a spin

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Posted:mike, hate to be pedantic, but that's releasing and catching not wibbling!

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Posted:wibbles are solid (especially with non weighted poi!!)

as said do stuff backwards, then behind yer back


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