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So tonight I came up with the brilliant idea to wrap a towel around my Kevlar cathedral wicks to produce bigger flames. I havent burned them yet but Im sure everything will work out ok as intended. But what I was wondering is weather or not doing this will extend the life of my Kevlar wick? If there is a fresh towel covering the wick every time I burn, will it save my wick from burning up?

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It should, if you have a way of dealing with smoldering. Tell us how it goes smile

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Well the cloth will burn up real fast and could cause damage to you kev. Not sure though. But i has been talked about before, but usually you put the towel/ cloth under the kevlar! I'v used that method on my staff and it makes ALOT bigger flames, and better for burnoff also. The material is still in good nick as its protected, and i did this about 5 months ago.

I was planning on adding more but havn't got round to it yet...seeing as the stuff thats under is still in perfect condition.

Towell has been known to fly off in hundreds of pieces...so i wouldn't recomend using it for performance. Unless you wire it on or something every time you spin.

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I've actually done the reverse on my double staffs and put kevlar over towelling - so you get the long-life of kevlar, but with the cheaper fuel resevoir of towelling smile

Works well - you have to seal it all up with the kevlar though or otherwise you'll hollow out your wicks...

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your towel will flake off and burn neighborhood cats...

wether or not this is a bad thing, that's for you to decide. ubbangel

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So when you people are talking about putting kevlar over the towel, what exactly do you mean?

For a tubecore design: I'm assuming the wraps around the core are towel, and then the outer wraps are kevlar?

I'm thinking I might try laying a layer of towel on the kevlar, and then wrapping both layers around the core/staff, with the towel inside, and kevlar outside. I would make the towel about .5 - 1 cm narrower than the kevlar.

I've considered doing the same thing with cathedrals, but I don't know if that would work well or not.

On the original topic, Icon, I would use some kevlar thread and sew a couple stitches on the edges, just to keep the towel from falling apart mid-burn.

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so the way to do this is to box in a cathedral fold towel wicks with kevlar, starting with two peices of kevlar of appropriate length in a cross shape put onto the eyebolt before putting any of the towel wicking on, you then add the towel cathedral fold wicks, and then box that in with the kevar cross. Seal the edges with white glue (which transforms into a nice seal once flame is applied to it) to close the edges and therefor truely seal in the towel wick. I suppose you can put a couple layers of kevlar (i.e. start with two crosses) if you want it to last longer, but I haven't tried that.


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Well, I finally burned them.

I was kinda surprised at the outcome because not only did it make my flames bigger but it increased the burn time by almost double eek

Havent looked at the damage to my wicks since but considering i only burned them twice with the towels I doubt Id notice any difference.

I would say to add towel to Kevlar wick if you just wanna change things up a bit. They last longer and burn bigger but only last for 1 - 2 burns before you have to change the towel (which is a pain in the ass if you are looking to light up lots).

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Another way to get longer lasting towel wicks is to make them big; I found that once they get to bigger than fist sized they kind of mat up into solid chunks and can last many burns.

It's only useful if you're wanting really long lasting burns with big flames and heavy wicks (they soak up loads of paraffin). Al;so, be carefull, definitly not for beginners.

I lost interest in towel when I got into fire ropes, for which kevlar is much, much better than towel.

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