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Welcome to the Technical discussion forum

This is the place to seek information about making your own equipment, advice and tips, etc...

As this site has existed for many years many things have already been discussed so we advice you to [Old link] and consult the following list of FAQs. If you wish to discuss an issue it is better to read through an existing thread and then continue that existing thread instead of starting a new one.

Note: this list will expand with time.

What's the difference in poi heads? What's the best?

There's pros and cons with each. Not everyone likes heavy wicks, and some people think bigger is better. Do a search and you'll find people discusing which wicks they prefer.

How can I make coloured flames?

This is one of the 2 most frequently asked questions and there is a Coloured Flames Article which should answer all your questions. If you wish to discuss coloured flames further then please use an existing thread such as [Old link].

What are sparkly poi? How do I make them?

The other most asked question!

Sparkly poi are poi with wire wool wicks so that while they are spun glowing splinters of wire wool fly off to give a spectacular effect.

As yet there is no article about Sparkly Poi on HoP, but plenty of posts in the forums so [Old link]

How do I make a fire sword?

Again, no article but it has been discussed. Try these threads to start with: [Old link], [Old link], [Old link], [Old link]

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