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Posted:I just saw a commercial on t.v. about being able to search fire breatheing on yahoo.com I,myself think that was a very bad idea because of youth decideing "hey, that sounds like a cool idea!" and then trying it themselves. The last thing i want to see is a bunch of wounded kids because of a commercial they saw.
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Posted:Here's what you get if you do the search on Yahoo: -


the first two results are FAQs by juggling.org and HOP, both of which stress the danger of death/serious injury.

You're probably right about the flood though, I suspect some people are just going to be even more likely to do it when they read the danger warnings.

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Posted:hooray for interest in fire! it is difficult to find info on HOP re: firebreathing without stumblin across a fair few dire warnings about the stuff.
I say HoP deserves more interest - information is shared in a conscientious manner on this board in any event! it is where i learnt Poi, and it with this added noteriety it will teach many more!
cus at HoP, i come for the badger jokes and stay for the food.... i mean community. peace
i luv youse.

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Posted:If you are living in flood prone area we always have probabilities of flood water damage in our home. But now there are various restoration companies that provide consultation and advice on this topic. Along with this you can also hire professional or get equipments on rent to control flood damage loss. For example
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